chastity belt 

TWENTYFIVE chips is a lot of tokens to earn, I think. At first I was curious about the deal Master M had made with his cute little slave L, but now I am starting to doubt if it isn’t too harsh. He gets 25 times the pleasure that she gets? If she earns 25 chips she will have a little break from the belt and she will be allowed an orgasm (or more?).
I have been invited to two chip earnings so far (first, second), and they both took quite a long time. It will take weeks for slave L to earn her freedom! And when she reaches 25, she will have to start all over again! Admittedly, she is kind of sexy in her belt, and she seems perfectly happy with the deal. She just loves pink so much she asked if her name can be in pink in the videos. When I suggested they should get a pink chastity bra, they told me she already had one and that they would be happy to come over and show me.
Of course, I got them over to the studio right away, I really wanted to see slave L in full chastity! She is still so cute! Master M told me she is still not at 25 chips, so it was a perfect opportunity to slave L get to work and earn another one of her precious poker chips. She loves pet play, being led around like a dog by her leash before she shows off her amazing handjob and blowjob skills. Master M even handcuffed her behind her back!
This couple has got such a loving and perfect relationship! They would do everything for each other! I admire their commitment, and I think this is how all girls should be! What a perfect little submissive, I almost got a bit jealous there :) Enjoy this new video!

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  1. Love this couple, makes me proud to be Dutch, kinky and feeling free to share, please more updates, perhaps their own site, would love to be their first subscriber

  2. Would be great if they had there own site
    Great chastity outfit in use here !
    One very lucky Master !

  3. Sorry, this is not a good advertisement for the beauty of chastity. Your sites are stylish and respectful for the model. This is in my eyes no respectful to the feminine model.

  4. They are actually a sweet functional couple from what we have seen so far. I’m rooting for her and hope to see her get relief soon…
    I couldn’t stand Rachael Greyhound because even though she is beautiful she is in a dysfunctional relationship with odd people

    • So can she wake him up and earn a poker chip? 25 is a lot of poker chips I dont think I could do it with my boyfriend… I mean I doubt I could please him 3 times a day everyday if we had work etc…
      But 25 blowjob is a very eye catching number

  5. Great Video.

    But why there are no Dialogues, some conversation too while the performance will be very good. Conversations and dialogues makes it more erotic. Can we expect in next videos. (And Only English Please)

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