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Lots of members have been emailing me saying that Anna Lemon is the one I should take as my resident chastity slave girl. Everyone seems to like her a lot, maybe because she reminds us so much of Davon Kim, who was a resident pet slave for a good while here in the Netherlands.
Anna certainly seems to be up for it, she has not commented on her chastity gear at all, she is already used to it! It is tight and tiny, the tiniest waist size and bra size I have ever had to adjust for a Chastity Babe. Funny how all newly belted girls worry about the wrong things at first: Anna seems to be very preoccupied with how her lingerie fits over the full chastity gear. Most people here would agree a Chastity Babe doesn’t need any lingerie. The gear IS your lingerie from now on!! And if Anna insists on a garter belt for example, I will just give her thigh bands!
Well, fun and games aside, there are a lot of issues with keeping a foreign chastity pet slave, as I found out with Davon, so let me look into this a little more to make sure everything is legal and safe for tiny Anna to start enjoying her new life and training!


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  1. Muhammed Çiftci says:

    Such a lovely girl. Thanks for the update.

    I would be glad to support a crowd funding program to buy her a My-Steel Total or a Neosteel chastity belt. Maybe a poll could be performed to check whether there are further potential supporters?

  2. Seems so unnecessary to cover up such a beautiful thing…

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