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When I found this handsome duo online, I thought their dynamic was very interesting. Master M is training his young slave L to be a perfect blowjob slave girl by keeping her in a (pink) chastity belt and. Every time she gives a good blowjob, she will earn some ‘tokens’. Once she has gathered enough tokens, she will be let out of the belt for sex. Then she will be locked again and the deal begins again.
Of course, I was very intrigued by how this works. How many tokens does she have to earn? How do they keep track? What does the chastity belt dynamic add to their relationship? I decided to invite them to the studio for an interview (and a demonstration).
It turns out they are a very nice and loving couple! They are using a chastity belt as a training method for slave L, who is learning to earn her orgasms by being a very good and cute girl. Master M likes blowjobs and he has invented a system where he will give a poker chip to slave L every time she gives a good blowjob. I have never seen this before! I asked them how many chips she has to earn for 1 orgasm (sex with her chastity belt off). It turns out the level is set at TWENTY FIVE tokens! Slave L has to earn 25 tokens to get her orgasm!!
They were happy to demonstrate what she has to do for just 1 poker chip and I was allowed to photograph and film it. It’s amazing how much love and dedication slave L has for her Master. She really does her very best to earn her chip, gagging and deepthroating, anything to please Master M. I have not witnessed such a dynamic before, but it was an interesting day (you can imagine). My question is: do you want to see slave L earn more chips? She still has 24 to go I guess…


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  1. I’d just like to know how frequently L earn those tokens usually

  2. P.S. Don’t take me for a pig just for asking. There are plenty of femdom sites on the web with male chastity…but this is chastity-babes

  3. Yes please!!!, wat hebben jullie een mooi spel verzonnen zeg!, hopelijk mogen we meekijken, veel plezier

  4. Jan Boscher says:

    I didn´t come here to see dicks. It´s about girls and chastity, I guess. It´s my opinion but this should be discontinued.

  5. matthew meuleman says:

    what about your slave use that with her

  6. NO !

    ChastityBabes is about the beauty, asthetic (and sometimes cruelty and frustration) of “Babes” in chastity.

    There are plenty of other porn (hard core porn) sites available to view the content above, but not needed on this site.

  7. Yes, I think having them photo or film the next 24 would be amazing. You could do uploads with multiples of the “token experiences” from their personal cameras or pro shots yall take. Different clothes, positions, venues, Intimate, risky, etc…the more vairety, the better.

    Then, bring them in for the un-belting ceremony and see what they are ok to shoot.

  8. Great !
    Hope there will be more from them
    Are they on twitter?

  9. this is a couple that has succesfully implemented a chastitybelt in their everyday life and are having fun doing it, this is just their GAME, let us have fun watching it

  10. Christopher says:

    Finally! I was checking the updates for the video like that, a reason to subscribe. I know there’s the Dirty Mary one, but the preview images didn’t encourage me to subscribe. Just one question before I pay, in this one, is it a real blowjob (cock worship, lots of licking) or just an ordinary face-fuck?

  11. Mike the Director says:

    I do not think that showing a male every four-plus years (after Marloes and Stefan in mid-2015) is a problem. Mike

  12. I think the way Slave L earns her chip has been put into context, I also would like to know how long it takes for her to amass enough chips for her reward. I think that by adding some handcuffs for L would also be exciting in future oral sessions, to enforce her submission. Allow L to wear a watch so her master could tell her she has a time limit(known only by him)in which to perform, too quick or too slow would deny her a chip.

  13. This update is amazing! I hope we get to see some more like this (maybe even some anal play).

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