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Don’t worry, Rachel Adams got some good sleep every night during her Chastity Deal. Of course, some experiments and challenges were done in the afternoon in the studio, like trying to take a nap in cuffs, but she went with me to the Chastity Mansion every day. To her own room with her own bed, no restraints, just her full chastity gear.
Rachel was having a great time, she found it easy to deal with all the metal (a bit noisy though it was), as she is of course one of the toughest bondage models out there. I think she actually liked her outfit! Not once did she complain, she is a very nice and polite girl. I was hoping she would get a bit frustrated, but she did not show any signs of that either. She is a natural submissive, so I guess she just accepted her fate. She knew she couldn’t change it as she did not have the keys, so she just went with it.
And she was a lot of fun to have around the house! A beautiful American girl in full chastity rattling around in the morning, searching for some breakfast, it is just brilliant. I am used to host girls in chastity, but sometimes I just have to stop and think how lucky I am to be able to do this. Rachel was thinking the same, she just loved the opportunity, and she would like to come back for another Chastity Deal later in the year. I told her that would be up to the members, but based on the response so far, I am sure she will be back for more!

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  1. Can we see the fucked in cuffs

  2. Of course we all will have lovely Rachel Adams back!!!
    She is a natural chastity babe…

  3. Thank you FoToRo, for always producing such an amazing beautiful content. Keep it this way, Dude :)))

  4. Being a chastity belt wearer myself I love to see these girls being just natural while doing the common acts of their daily life – like making breakfast – in the full metal look, that makes them so beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

    • Do you also wear a chastity bra and thigh bands?

      I still have troubles with locked boobs. Maybe, I’ll never be able to wear a chastity bra.

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