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Does everything always go to plan in a Chastity Deal? No, it doesn’t. And it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t show these ‘fails’ here. Because you can learn from them if you have your own girlfriend/wife/playpartner in chastity at home. Please be careful and monitor your Chastity Babe at all times! Especially when doing more extreme Challenges and/or bondage.
Rachel Adams is one of the toughest bondage models in the world. And I wanted to really challenge her in this Chastity Deal. So for her first nap, I put her in a locked cage, in all of her chastity gear. I also added a huge ballgag and hinged elbow cuffs behind her back. I wouldn’t recommend sleeping in a ballgag to anyone, and I was watching Rachel the entire time, planning to remove the gag if she would fall asleep.
But Rachel was getting desperate, all of the metal and especially the elbow cuffs made it impossible for her to go to sleep. She was sobbing in her ballgag for a while when I decided to let her out of the cage to remove her cuffs. Tears were flowing by the time I told her to come out of the cage, and Rachel thanked me for removing the gag. I removed the tight hinged elbow cuffs and let her go in the cage again.
Rachel soon calmed down, she wasn’t crying anymore. But she was still happy she tried it. Rachel Adams loves a challenge, but this one was a bit too much for her. Poor Rachel! It wouldn’t be the only time she cried during this Chastity Deal…

3 comment(s) to “Rachel Adams – sleep attempt gone wrong”

  1. I admire her so much for attempting it. That was really tough. And good for you. A willing slave is someone to be cherished and protected. Bondage needs to be tough and challenging but safe too.


  2. aw why the fuck did you free her :( make her suffer I like to see her in pain

  3. You have good safety advice but there is no reason to start doing stuff like this. The only way it can be impressive is if it is novel or extreme and there is no ending to that. Someone visiting you could choke on a cookie in a cafe and think how that would look!
    You’ll never make any fans happy they will just say crazy stupid things from the comfort of their keyboard like “burn your own house down”

    One thing you could do is more games to orgasm. Like IDK a footrace or escape room where the winner orgasms. Have fun but I wouldn’t do anything scary

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