LocktoberAre you excited yet? Did you masturbate a lot today? It’s your last chance before Locktober starts tomorrow! One of the Chastity Babes on this website will attempt a 31-day Chastity Deal, starting tomorrow. Can you guess who it will be? Who are you hoping for? Let me know in the comments! Stay tuned for the contract signing tomorrow!
In the meantime, check out some of the past Locktober Deals with Rachel Adams, Anahi, and Cassie!

12 comment(s) to “Locktober is about to start!”

  1. Tenebre.Ita says:


  2. Hello, I think it will be Liz Rainbow. It would be nice if the vaginal plug were included in the deal.

  3. I hope for Natalia Forrest!!!

  4. David Sellmon says:

    Polina or Cobie!

  5. Alena lub Emma Green

  6. I’m hoping Vina.

  7. Natalia Forrest. Preferably in a prison cell for the month

  8. I hope it’ll be Donna, but to be more practical, probably Natalia Forrest

  9. I’m hoping AUBREY.

  10. Natalia Forrest !

  11. why 1, think big, lizanne, aubrey , polina and natalia

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