chastity belt 

After cleaning the apartment in full chastity gear, Sophia Smith was exhausted. It is not easy to clean in super high heels, leg ironed, wrists locked to the sides of your belt, with a tight ballgag in your mouth (seriously, try it at home, you will see).
I figured she deserved a rest. So I handcuffed her spread eagle to the bed. In full chastity gear of course. Those handy rings on the sides of her FancySteel were perfect to chain her down even more. I left her handcuffed and ankle cuffed to the bed, but when I came back she was not sleeping, she was wriggling and struggling, complaining about her situation. Sophia said she couldn’t sleep like this. She kept moaning and complaining about everything, but I did not release her. I wanted to wait until she finally would just fall asleep, but unfortunately that did not happen.
After 45 minutes I really had enough of her complaints. So I gagged her again. Sophia seemed a bit shocked that I did not unlock her cuffs, instead ADDING something to her predicament. She continued to moan through her gag for a good while, but eventually she saw that it was no use. She was getting so tired, she finally fell asleep. I had to sit by the bed, monitoring her because of the ballgag. My assistant Anahi also came in to keep an eye on Sophia. She got a good sleep! She was ready for more chastity challenges, so it all worked out fine in the end!

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  1. I think it is not easy to sleep in chastity, if you´r not used to wear it. But now Sophia learn something new. Maybe ready for a 48 hour challenges?

  2. if the challenge means wearing the fancy steel, please!!! 48 days!!

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