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Yes, I invited Marta Klinta to my studio! She caught my eye a long time ago, with her passion for steel and her awesome style! I just HAD to meet her!
It turns out she is interesting, beautiful, and dedicated to a life in steel. I had so many questions for her, and I found out a lot about her while she was putting on her ankle rings and collars. Marta wears a few permanent collars, and two huge stacks of solid heavy wrist rings (they don’t open, so they take a lot of soap and water to take off, an awkward process that takes many hours, so her arm stacks are almost never removed). On her ankles, there is 1 pair of permanent rings, but the rest can be removed to wear boots and other items she loves. Of course, I wanted her in full stacks, so Marta put all of her ankle rings and her full collar stack on while I asked her a lot of questions.
Especially about her chastity gear, it looks so good on her! Of course, this is not a high-end belt and bra, but she is definitely getting those soon, which will enable her to stay in chastity for much longer periods of time. With all of her stacks on, full chastity, and lots of piercings, Marta is a true steel girl, and you can tell she absolutely loves wearing her metal! But more than that, she is gorgeous, very friendly, and a beautiful person. I am happy I met her!


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  1. SuddenlyFans says:

    Very nice! Any chance of ever getting Sophie x Elodie?

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