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So I let Dolly get used to the belt for a few hours after her initial belting. She was chained to the bed by her collar wearing nothing but her belt and she accepted it as part of her Casting.
I left her there for a while, and (like most girls) she just killed time with her phone, taking selfies and chatting to friends. She took a lot of selfies of the belt’s anal opening, and she later told me she was fascinated by the fact that her ass cheeks were spread so open. It felt really weird, Dolly said. A tight belt will run the crotch strap very snug against the body, which indeed means your butt cheeks will be pushed aside. This is a strange and ‘open’ feeling, which I’m sure many female belt wearers had to get used to when they were first belted (please comment below). If you ever see a female belt with the crotch strap running OVER the butt cheeks, it’s not tight enough.
Surprisingly enough, Dolly was the first girl ever to say that she will probably not want to do a Chastity Deal. She was very honest and told me she wouldn’t be able to sleep like this. The belt was tight and she can’t sleep without touching herself first. Also, she could only lie down on her stomach with this belt and she thinks her boobs are too big to sleep on her front. I told her to wait for the member comments on her Casting, maybe it would change her mind if many people really want to see her take a 3 day Chastity Deal.
But perhaps it’s just too hard for Dolly. That’s fair enough, it’s not for everyone. My life goal is to get ALL girls in chastity ALL the time, but I may have to accept that this is really a very impractical fantasy. Still, I have been doing my best and I got more girls in chastity than I had ever expected. I will just keep going, trying to find girls that are really interested and willing to take longer Deals! If you want to sign a nice long Chastity Deal, just email me!!

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  1. LoveSteel says:

    The solution for any boob is the steel bra that protects them well. Dolly should try it, I am sure she will like it.

    I do not understand why Dolly cannot sleep on her back or on her side as well. It really is possible with the belt and in full chastity. Try it a few days, I am sure Dolly will like it in no time and may even refuse to unbelt then.

  2. Still not a fan of the pseudonym, the childish hair doo and wrist watch but she does look more like a chastity babe in this update.

    Another mean little idea for your chastity deals could be that you forbid phones (or in her case, simply put it out of her range). phone-chastity ;-)

    Oh and as for the belt. I don’t like this belt style for exactly the reasons dolly has mentioned. The cable Style belts made by Tollyboy or Fancy Steel are so much better for long term use – provided a girl is willing to get used to them

  3. She should reconsider. The discomfort is minor, and after a day or so she will hardly notice the belt. By the end of the third day, she will forget she is even wearing it. The toughest part is getting over the psychology of the first 24 hours. She is adorable and hopefully you can persuade her to reconsider. She can use the time to catch up on some reading or take on an art project, like perhaps painting or writing. She can take some comfort and inspiration from knowing that we appreciate her beauty and are supporting her.

  4. DonnaFan says:

    I must agree with Mac. Neither am I a fan of pre-teen sneakers and babygirl double ponytail hairstyle.

    But I learned two things here: First, it’s not the discomfort that attracts me from female chastity. But it’s the deep denial and horniness that chastity reveals even in ‘good girls’. We can call it a ‘mindfuck’. Not an irritated skin. So dear webmaster, do whatever you can, to find comfortable belts. Even ones, that they can go out and live with (My long term fantasy: Chastity dating!). So don’t steer this page to become just an another

    Secondly, prefer long deals over castings.

    Soon you should start to make girls to pay to YOU for short castings! Especially in cases where they don’t want to show up fully naked at internet. Exploring their desires with their own terms, free keyholding and trying your wast belt collection should be viewed as a reward already.

    Instead, save the price moneys to REAL Deals and for REAL Chastity Babes: Donna, Natalia, Dominique, Vina… or maybe even convince the glorious Amarantha LaBlanche or Jade Indica for another [long] round!

  5. She should reconsider. If for nothing else, the pay is excellent and all you are really doing is putting up with some moderate discomfort – which you will likely find that you adapt to very quickly – and providing many people with a valuable service. I would be very disappointed to not see her go for a deal.

    Dolly could do well with a small amount of effort and some encouragement from us. She certainly has my support…!

  6. Getting used to the rear band on a rigid belt is kind of strange, but not impossible. That exposed feeling passes after a while, at least it did for me. Keep at it Dolly, you’re great.
    Also like how young she looks, the hair and watch go so well with the pink belt.

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