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Another girl from the UK who wants to try a belt! Super cute girl Dolly came all the way over here for a Casting in a chastity belt! She wasn’t really sure why she was drawn to this website, but she emailed me she loved it so much she wanted to try it!
When she was finally locked into a pink chastity belt, she thought it was a lot tighter than she expected. It was pushing on her hip bones and she said she couldn’t bend over (actually she was fine, I saw her bending over when she thought I was not looking). Dolly is the cutest girl ever in her skirt and sneakers! She looks very innocent, but when I told her about the possibility of a Chastity Deal, she was only worried about one thing: ‘how do I touch myself at night before sleeping?’. It turns out she can’t sleep without playing with herself first. Well, that’s going to be a problem if she comes over for a 3-day Chastity Deal!
Dolly is a clever young girl, she even asked if there would be breaks included in the Chastity Deal. When I told her any hygiene breaks would be supervised, she said ‘I was way ahead of her’. So she was already planning some sneaky touching! Dolly appears to be very serious about the fact she can’t go to sleep without playing with herself. I wonder if she will come back to sign the Chastity Deal, but if she will, I’m sure it will be a great adventure for her!
Her Casting wasn’t over yet of course, to get used to this tight pink belt I kept her in the studio for a few more hours. Stay tuned for more Dolly footage!


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  1. She looks great, but cant you get more natural looking girls like Tammy to perform

  2. Some people just sleep better after sex or masturbation at the least

  3. Does she dress up like this all the time, or will there be normal updates too?

  4. Many people live in group settings (dorms, etc.) and can’t masturbate at will. Dolly might enjoy this comfort, but like all jobs, some amount of personal sacrifice is necessary. By the third day she will have forgotten what all her reticence was all about. Give her some good assurance and support, hopefully she will agree to a three-day deal. She is adorable and looks great in the belt and collar, truly precious. Hopefully she will give in and have some fun and earn a little money for her trouble. We are rooting for her!

  5. roadie12 says:

    a dolly to play chastity with…

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