chastity belt 

Anna Lemon is the cutest and tiniest submissive! She is so gorgeous, and very naughty. It was clear she needs a belt, otherwise she would definitely touch herself all day long. Did I mention she is TINY… this is the smallest I ever had to resize a belt.
The nice thing about Anna is that she is so relaxed. She loves to experiment and she didn’t mind to get locked into a belt for 4 hours… at all! She obediently strips down, taking off all of her clothes, waiting to be collared and belted. I want to keep Anna as my pet slave, she is the cutest thing that happened to since Davon Kim!
I think Anna wouldn’t mind doing a longer Deal, not at all! She loved being in the Netherlands, and she had a great time in the belt. I found her making lots of selfies of the belt and she seemed to be adjusting to it very well. It was tight, she commented on how it made her even slimmer, and she was curious about the perforated front shield (for peeing) and the large anal opening. When I explained that those would allow her to wear the belt 24/7, she was very intrigued.
You will definitely love Anna, she is so fresh and open about everything, plus she looks adorable in a belt! Don’t miss this update with extra large picture set!


4 comment(s) to “Anna Lemon – Casting”

  1. Muhammed Çiftci says:

    A beautiful girl. Thank you, dear webmaster. I also approve the chastity-only focus of the shooting, without further stuff. Will there be a future shooting with her in a My-Steel or Neosteel belt?

  2. matthew meuleman says:

    give her a life chastity deal she needs it

  3. I agree with what Muhammed Çiftci said. Theres just something about the Chinese belts that doesnt seem secure and is as a chastity belt less satisfying. I love the My-steel and Neosteel belts on these gals.

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