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We are back from BoundCon Munich 2017 and it was a blast! The promo team was a huge success again, this time featuring FIVE babes from FIVE different countries. Pictured left to right: Pling, Lizanne, DutchDame, LittleRedGirl, Kerry.
Of course, Pling from Sweden was in the team. She owns her own belt and she is used to wearing it. Did you know she was voted Best European Fetish Model at BoundCon? Also joining from last year is the tiny but lovely LittleRedGirl from the UK. She too owns her own belt now, and she was super excited to be on the promo team. Lizanne from Belgium joined us too, and yes, she also got her own belt custom made after I introduced her to Carrara last year. Two new team members joined after doing Castings earlier this year in my studio: the stunning tall DutchDame from Holland, and my awesome bubbly office secretary Kerry from Scotland.
What a team! As you can imagine, they drew a huge crowd handing out flyers at the convention (and even outside of the convention). All this took place on the Friday evening of the convention. We did it again on the Saturday, which was also very funny and interesting (stay tuned for that). A big thanks to all of the Chastity Babes and to the British Bondage Crew (for the use of their booth), the organisation of BoundCon, and all the lovely visitors who responded so great to the appearance of my promo team! If you took any pictures of/with my team, please email them to me! Did you miss BoundCon this year? Make sure you’re there next year! It’s a lot of fun!
(Thanks to Thomas for the pictures)


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  1. MetalMan says:

    Five lovely girls, especially the tall DutchDame. Twelve points from me!

    Webmaster, i must correct you that Scotland is still a part of the UK, so the scottish flag should be changed to a UK flag. Unless LittleRedGirl is from England, then you can use the english flag to represent her. ( Is she from Wales you can use the welsh flag.Very confusing, i know)

  2. blacklight says:

    Nice update! Looks like you had some fun, lots of fun! :)
    Was there any girl plugged? Or double plugged? ;)

  3. LoveSteel says:

    This is a dangerous place and all protection possible is needed of course. So why are there no steel bra’s one for every girl? Please add those immediately for extra safety.

    • This is true. However, adjusting 5 bra’s to fit the girls at BC is a lot of fiddly work involving many tiny screws in a very dark environment. There is almost no time for that once I finally get all 5 girls together. I would need some help if I added bra’s next year. Volunteers?
      (although, Pling and LittleRedGirl already have their own bra so that’s easy)

      • LoveSteel says:

        Preparation! Two girls with their own bra could have saved that two girls already. When a belt or bra is fitted, write down the measurements so it can be repeated with ease. Needing volunteers to help getting the girls in their proper gear nice and tight sounds as an invitation :)

  4. Mr. Lock says:

    Was there any of the girls plugged?

  5. Those BoundCom shootings are the best! I know every model from other sites and found them together is really a treat!

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