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Well… I have about 5 or 6 super heavy steel belts to use for And I can’t stop designing new ones. So this week I received another finished belt from my metal worker. It is amazing! Very heavy solid stainless, with secondary shield, anal opening, protected padlock and adjustable crotch strap.
I have always wondered if such belts are suitable for a Chastity Deal. The weight is enormous, and there is no padding or lining. The belts are not flexible at all, so it would have to be an exact fit! I really wanted to test the newest belt, so I started thinking who to invite. A huge heavy steel belt would be a nice contrast with a young cute girl (I love contrasts), so I invited the incredible 19-year old Jessica back to the studio!
Who remembers Jessica? This shy young girl is so pretty! And she has the best body (and ass) you have ever seen! She is a pure submissive, so when I emailed her she thought she had no choice. That was not my intention, but hey, she showed up in the studio, not knowing what was waiting for her.
Jessica’s waist size is perfect for this belt! I adjusted the crotch part to make it very tight, and it kind of worked! The belt still needs a little modification in the shape of the primary shield, but it was awesome to see Jessica locking herself into this contraption! It is so heavy, and there was nothing she could do to get this belt off her body! The ass curve is so perfect, it really matches Jessica’s bubbly round butt! There were no real problems, no hip pressure, no digging, so I told Jessica to put her dress back on! So perfect!
By the way: Jessica has asked me if she can get a Chastity Deal in pink bra and pink belt to make some extra money (she is a student), what do you think?


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  1. She is so hot! I would love her back for a challenge. Preferrably for at least two weeks.

  2. A 2 to 7 day deal in that heavy belt would be pretty cool.

  3. David Sellmon says:

    Please give her the deal with the pink stuff! But if she’s a student and she’s from Czech, she won’t have a lot time to spend in NL :(

  4. Yes give her the deal, she has an awesome composure love her in cuffs and she often wears really cool clothes and converse chucks.

    Top girl!

  5. i think that will be a great deal to see you may like to add some addition to her deal

  6. If there is no problem with hip pressure or digging, I would rather see Jessica in a longer deal in this belt.

    And as reward do make the first deal you can offer a continuation deal in the pink belt and bra.

    And she could talk about the differences of the belts in the video.

  7. Well, there is always the Heavy Line from My-Steele. With a thickness of 6 mm (1/4 inch) and a weight of 2,4 kg, that belt would keep you chaste for life! In other words, a good investment!

    • Maybe it is a good idea to start a crowdfunding campaign to fund a Heavy Line for Donna (should she decide to return this year)?

      • Actually, I just made a poll (in the sidebar), let’s see what happens!

        • David Sellmon says:

          I would suggest funding her a pink My-Steel bra to fit the belt she already wore two years ago. Or do you think she is fed up with chastity bras?

        • Trust me, you do not have the same size as Donna :)

        • I don’t know, it will be very hard to get the Heavy Line exactly right (and tight) before Donna arrives… I’m not sure how to do that.

        • David Sellmon says:

          I wouldn’t make her wear a bra if the Heavy Line belt actually gets funded (not a big fan of it but well), I think the belt alone would be moooore than enough of a challenge (:

          Webmaster, what would you say, how well did she receive last year’s bra? Would she wear one again?

        • David Sellmon says:

          Even My-Steel advertises against wearing the Hevy Line belt permanently. (‘For permanent wearing the chastity belt, due to the weight of approx. 2400g, is only conditional suitably.’) Just saying…

        • David Sellmon says:

          I don’t know about ‘no fun’, I think Donna is especially cute when she feels comfortable with her gear. Other models, like Little Caprice, I’d also rather see struggling but not so with Donna.

    • How come you donot use male models as I would love to spend some time locked in a belt and bra for you with no way out and made to do some work for you to get the key back to get out. Also the belt and bra would have to be super heavy ones.

  8. wow, i love the look of the belt, do you think this type of belt could be used for a chastity deal of maybe 7 to 10 days?

    Since there was not problems with rubbing etc?

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