chastity belt 

After the update with Melisa Mendini in the 1.5 kilogram SwedishCollar, I really wanted to do another one with the all-steel version. These collars look so good!
Dominique already tried this heavy solid collar with a bronze locking plate, she is in my studio a lot, running around in her chain style belt. I put two new collars by the mirror, they are slightly different in size. Dominique was curious, and she wanted to try them, to find which size would fit her best.
She looks absolutely stunning in a SwedishCollar! Yes, it is very heavy, but Dominique would not mind wearing it in a Chastity Deal, she said. It is comfortable, but you will forget you are wearing it! We took some pictures and made some exciting plans for the future. So stay tuned for more Dominique this year!!


3 comment(s) to “Dominique – SwedishCollar (stainless)”

  1. Looking forward to seeing what those plans are. She is my dream girl on this site

  2. Mike the Director says:

    Now, for the future shoot, Dominique with this collar in a completely vanilla blouse/suit/skirt/heels combination (over a belt, of course) would be a really inspiring sight to behold. After all, everyone is spending more time in the office this year, right! Great shoot, am back and re-subscribing after a gap.

  3. matthew meuleman says:

    i want to see her mum locked up for 2 months full chastity

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