chastity belt 

Just a little fun with Nelly this week, she was only over here for a day, but it was great to be able to lock her into a tight chain style belt and add thigh bands to her lovely legs!
She looked so gorgeous in the white room, sun streaming in through the windows, dressed in nothing but tight metal. Almost romantic. But she would have to spend quite some time like this (I was going to let her try a whole night), and the belt was so tight it kept catching her labia in the secondary shield. It was not easy for her to move around.
Still, I really really wanted to make sure she would not try to touch herself. So I added two pairs of handcuffs to the sides of the belt. Too much? Perhaps, but girls like Nelly are not to be trusted. They look so sweet and gorgeous, but they are very naughty! Her hands locked to her sides, she had great trouble getting onto the bed and under the cover. But she (kind of) made it. I checked on her a little while later and asked her how she was doing. Her English is quite basic, she actually said ‘not so bad’, when she meant ‘not so good’. I told her she would be unlocked in the morning and left her to her fate. Well, at least I knew her fate would not include any pleasure! That should hopefully teach Nelly a little lesson… although she may need a lot more of these lessons!

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  1. Great update. Nelly not geting out of all of that gear till morning. All she was missing was a chastity bra

  2. I though mite of been why she not wearing a bra. You said about maybe trying to get a bigger sized bra for larger boobed girls. love the update keep up the good work webmaster

  3. This update is totally wonderful! But he (Mr. Webmaster) forgot one thing. The bra. I hope she learned a lesson!

  4. She looks adorable, nice work. Can you add a leash next time? She does indeed need more lessons, perhaps with a gag (bit or ring) and ankle cuffs with chains. She looks like she would like to have her comfort zone expanded!

    • Yes, a leash for nice stroll in the park. MEOW MEOW!!

      • Good idea!! Let’s put her in the (steel) tower of Fort Boyard (from the TV-show) with all the tigers watching her from escaping. Plenty of fish in the sea will keeping her from starving! =)
        But she must have a bra, otherwise it will be too pleasant on the island!

        • Alternative: puting her in the “money cage” in the court yard with the tigers even closer!! (me verry mean, i know!!)

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  6. Whoa. Now that is one lock I’d want to break!

  7. When the handcuffs can shift up to the elbows, I guess the cuffs are so wide that they can slip off the hands as well. I think the cuffs need to be a bit more tight to do their job well and make sure everything is nice and secure. And yes, a big shiny steel bra should be added for extra safety also.

  8. not quite what she was expecting after all

  9. I would so love to play with a remote egg in this scene.

    An idea for those naughty schoolgirl fantasies: The cuffs leave the rear vulnerable. All you would need is a frame with a leash attachment point and your all set for a paddling session. I’m sure you can rig something like that on MB

    • P.S. Additionally you could challenge the wearer to try to reach and remove sticky pads from her rear. Your automatic shocker should fill in nicely as the paddle.

  10. Another first is to see some use of those rings other than for connecting thigh bands, quite rare, especially for a double locking chain style belt.

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