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Another summer update that will really make you smile! I was in Spain again this year with couple of fetish producers and models, and I managed to make another Deal with 3 of the girls there: they would be locked in bra and belt for 48 hours to receive a bit of holiday cash! No breaks allowed and all 3 must make it or no one gets any money!
For Yvette Costeau, that was not a suprise (as she was there last year too), she even locked herself in her black chastity belt before I could finish my sentence, handing me the keys with a mischievous look in her eyes. The bra was new to her, but that wasn’t a problem for her either. New girls Lillian Caine and young purple haired Rija Mae were a bit harder to convince, but once they saw Yvettte in her gear, Lillian quickly snatched up the pink gear, leaving Rija with the blue trim chastity set.
After a lot of fitting and adjusting, all sets were tight and locked and the girls were free to do whatever they wanted. After all, we were on holiday! So they immediately went for the swimming pool, with their drinks and their towels! What a sight! Black, blue, and pink, three girls in bra and belt in the hot Spanish sun, gleaming and shining. They rubbed each other with sun lotion, went swimming, played with a ball, and they talked a lot, sunbathing like it was just a regular day! Amazing to see three girls get used to the gear so fast!
Join now to see this great cheerful video of three girls in colorful chastity belts and bras! Don’t miss it!
A note: the video file is in 1080 MP4, which is bigger than usual, it is a huge download, so I hope everyone will manage this (make sure you are on a stable connection, and use a good device to play this video). If there aren’t too many problems reported, I will release all videos in this format from now on.


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  1. Yep, and it is not just 1 girl swimming in belt and bra, they all took a dive!

  2. It downloaded fine and played perfectly on both PC and phone.

    And the update itself: Their volleyball game is horribly weak but the new uniforms are nice. :)

  3. Mike the Director says:

    The file downloaded perfectly OK (it took about 150% longer in download time, in total six minutes on a 78Mbps Super broadband link in the UK) so acceptable download time.

    Problems occurred when playing the file using Windows Media player for Windows 8,1; the effect is almost like a slide-show, with frozen frames every ten seconds but the sound track running in the background. DO you have any ideas?

    You might consider releasing a lower-res version whilst we figure this out.

    But – otherwise – a great set of pictures; nice to see the curvaceous brunette so comfortable locked up – shows that chastity belts will fit real women’s bodies as well as slim models.

    Looking forward to the next instalments; this is membership money well spent.

    Did you film the beltings?



    • If you research the issue you’ll find that some people using the windows media player with an OS of 7 and above have similar problems.

      You might want to try something like VLC, it’s free and it plays nearly everything. :)

      • Mike the Director says:

        Many thanks for taking the trouble to explain; I appreciate the advice. I shall have to get my pet to check her software levels.


    • Download time under 4 minutes on a 100 Mbps connection.

      No troubles playing in VLC, except for some sound sync issues if jumping within the file.

      Anyone having issues playing the file needs to check that the player can handle this kind of bit stream, that graphic drivers are up to date and that the computer is powerful enough.

      And the update itself: Lovely to see activities outside the apartment with visible belts. =)

  4. Basil Blake says:

    Just realized that chastity gears are perfect swimwear.

    I watched the video several times and really: no need for additional clothing. Our ladies could smoothly visit a public swimming pool…

    Just imagine the benefits of using chastity belts and bras instead of swimsuits:
    – no need for female changing rooms anymore (women won’t need to change underwear, they can simply get out of their clothes next to the wardrobe)
    – females would be protected against being groped and molested (at least at their “sanctuaries”)
    – parents can feel much more secure when their teenage daughters go swimming
    – protecting women from cheating
    – an increasing amount of swimmers, because of the fascinating potential of female chastity; so more people will be into sports… :-) :-)

    • Most people consider a chastity belt to be a component of BDSM.

      I’m not sure all parents with kids at the public pool would want to explain to their kids what the model is wearing and why are they filming it at a public pool.

      That’s probably the biggest impediment.

      • Basil Blake says:

        Accepting the new requires being confronted with it first…

        So, I don’t think that chastity lifestyle should be hidden.

        Kids can simply be told that the ladies wear “jewelry for adults” and that all good girls get belted after reaching the age of 17 / 18…

        It’s all about mental acceptance :-)

        • You’ve previously mentioned having friends and relatives who wear belts.

          Please….bring one of them to a public pool and take some photos of them wearing nothing but chastity devices.

          I think a few people here would love to see the results. :)

          • Basil Blake says:

            Hmmm… nice idea :-)

            I think my cousin is too conservative to agree with that.

            However my Romanian friend may be fine with your idea. In the past she always tried to hide her special “lifestyle” because of concerns regarding her job and career.

            But meanwhile, she has developed a strong confidence and a deep love for her chastity gear. She has even presented her belt to some of her (female) fellows.

            I will suggest her to try a little “public adventure” :-) I don’t think that I will be allowed to take photos in a public pool, but the sunbathing area aside should be okay. Contemporarily, she wears a My-Steel Total with red silicone profiles. Unfortunately, she is not convinced of chastity bras and does not use them. But I think metal belt and textile bra is also a nice combination…

            Maybe I will soon be able to contribute to this site :-) :-) :-)

          • Some comments from different people indicate a desire to see babes in a public place obviously displaying the belt or wearing only a belt and bra.

            As you’ve just said, some things just aren’t possible, like photos at a public pool.

            Asking the site to create content that’s not possible seems a little unfair to the webmaster.

          • Chaste(ish) young woman says:

            You mentioned your cousin has enjoyed positive life developments from chastity while going to college.

            What is she studying to be?
            You mentioned she doesn’t chase boys. Does waiting help her find more meaningful relationships?

            And lastly… Masturbating she gets to masturbate from the safety of her home?

          • We were just recently asked to focus on discussing the content of the updates themselves.

            I would prefer not to find out what happens if we do not.

          • Basil Blake says:

            SP’s right.

            The commentaries should be content related…

            Just want to point out that I never asked the webmaster to perform a shooting in a public pool in any of my previous posts. This website is great and the authors are MORE THAN courageous enough (the only wish I have is: more Nelly please :-)).

            I only expressed my private views and experiences. And I think I’ll really ask my friend for a swimming adventure in steel wear… Why not? Her belt covers more than many other examples of swimwear. (Maybe Germany is more liberal than France, WendyNeko. Most ladies in public pools wear thongs…)

          • Basil Blake says:

            @ Chaste(ish) young woman:

            She had been unable to focus on her studies and was very keen to find sexual adventures in the past. Her belt helped her to become and remain a good student.

            And she has learned how to turn her sexual frustration into energy and motivation for her studies, so her belt does really a great job. I don’t think that it will hinder her from finding a good guy and building a serious relationship (it’s not all about sex and a serious and sincere partner will surely be given one of her keys one day…).

            She studies computer sciences in Munich and yes, she is allowed to masturbate when she vistis home. She stays unlocked all the time until her departure. Her parents don’t want her to lose her libido, so she gets even encouraged to pleasure herself…

          • Basil Blake says:

            Unbelting our swimming ladies would be a great idea for one of the next videos.

            A detailed skin examination (maybe recorded in HD) could be very interesting: Does swimming in a belt cause injuries / scrapes? Do steel and chlorine irritate the skin? Is the remaining amount of water under the chastity bra tolerable? (I’m sure it is…).

            Swimming in a plugged belt could also be a nice challenge: the resulting arousal would protect chaste girls from getting asexual and it may also increase their motivation for swimming (for instance, we could compare the amount of swimming activities of plugged girls with the one of non-belted ladies).

            By the way: average vaginas can take much larger insertions than the ones used previously on this site. Maybe the webmaster could find some bigger dildos. Our girls would experience a much stronger training and rewarding effect, and I’m sure, we all agree: chaste girls deserve only the best… :-)

    • It is unsanitary that the inside of the bra and the chastity belt remain wet, I think.

      • Basil Blake says:

        @ WendyNeko: Thank you for mentioning some further benefits. They are all great and convincing…

        IMHO, chastity gear on its own is already sufficient to satisfy the legal requirements (compulsory swimwear, preventing public nuisance etc.).

        Nobody can claim that chastity belts and bras cover less than bikinis with thongs or g-strings (which are all very common in public swimming pools in Germany).

        Chastity devices also help to reduce public nuisance: Chaste girls usually don’t show explicit behaviour, since they are already prevented from searching sexual adventures. Furthermore, they are protected against gropers and perverts. And mostly, they are keen to stay out of troubles since keyholders can easily punish “bad girls” by increasing their chastity period.

        So, there are a lot of benefits and there is no need to be afraid of going swimming in “steel wear” only :-)

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