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As mentioned before, when I arrived in Spain there were only 2 girls: Yvette Costeau and Lillian Caine. Yvette was already in her black chastity belt (she had been working very hard in the days before), handing me the keys while smiling. Lillian had never been belted before, but she was very curious about Yvette’s belt. I unpacked my bags and showed her the blue and pink chastity belts. She immediately went for the pink (as most girls do)! In fact, Yvette was a little disappointed, she never had any choice, and now she was stuck with the black (literally).
We decided that the bras would be added later, when Rija Mae would arrive, and since we had the whole afternoon to ourselves, we went to visit an old touristy Spanish castle by the sea side. I asked Yvette and Lillian to wear a short dress and very high heels. Those shoes turned out to be more difficult to wear than their chastity belts, old Spanish castles are not very high heel friendly…
They sure got a lot of looks, since they weren’t dressed as tourists. There were a lot of people there, and a lot of them must have seen the chastity belts, as they were very visible when the girls were sitting down or bending over. Lillian and Yvette were trying to get used to the belts, and after a long afternoon they really wanted out. They even tried hair pins to sabotage the locks!
After drinking a few beers, they finally realised that they were going to be stuck in the belts for 48 hours. Even worse: they needed to find a toilet (because of those beers in the hot Spanish sun) and they knew I wasn’t going to give them their keys! It was a 48 hour ‘no break’ Deal!

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  1. Yvette’s dress is way shorter than I thought it would be. When you were in the observation area….it was almost a belt.

    And there’s no way they were going to pick that lock….but god love ’em for trying.

  2. Some years ago Yvette already did some similar sightseeing in Germany even with thight bands added.
    So it shouldn’t be new to her.

    Sightseeing is the right word. What a sight these girls are.
    I would have loved to witness this situation.

  3. Basil Blake says:

    Castles & chastity belts… Only lord, knight & blacksmith missing for a perfect Middle Ages revival :-) ;-)

    (Joking aside: according to the current state of knowledge, medieval belts are just a myth. Seems that they occured in the Victorian era as “virtue guardians” for school girls, handmaids and sometimes even for the lady of the house…).

  4. Mike the Director says:

    Thank you for an excellent update, featuring two brave and relaxed ladies.

    It was interesting to see the difference in how the different materials fall around the ladies’ hips – the stiffer material stays in place (but that dark dress really should have been longer!) whilst the pink skirt is more susceptible to the breeze.

    Please thank both ladies for the update. They also seem to walk well in those heels.


  5. Say, what castle is that? You always finds the most beautiful locations :)

  6. a holiday that they will remember

  7. both of them were well kept on that day

  8. Ali Boughter says:

    Has excellent information boards recounting the history of the castle. It is a good idea to combine with a visit to the nearby museum.

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