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This cute shy girl recently moved to the Netherlands. She was curious about trying a chastity belt, although she wasn’t 100% sure if she would like it.
Oxana came to my studio and I showed her a pink My-Steel belt. She said that pink was her favorite color, so she was willing to give it a go! It was a nice tight fit on her waist, and Oxana took her time getting used to the feeling of being locked up, lounging on the bed.
A while ago, a chastity fan sent me a few samples of his new project: improving the My-Steel padlock. As most of you will know, the standard My-Steel padlock is a small Burg-Wächter lock with a little notch taken out of the corner so it will fit onto the shackle protector. This new design features a completely new shackle protector which will accomodate a much bigger padlock, like this cute pink ABUS Baby™Lock. Much better, because it is sturdier, easier to lock on, and it looks WAY better. This new system is compatible with all My-Steel belts.
I was very excited about this new locking system, but Oxana didn’t understand my excitement of course. It was her first time in a belt, and she didn’t care whether it had a small or big lock, as long as I didn’t lose the keys. I almost did, by the way, but that’s a story for a different time. Enjoy this fun update featuring the latest chastity belt innovation!


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  1. Muhammed Çiftci says:

    My-Steel is my favourite manufacturer. And Oxana is beautiful, too. Thank you for this chastity-only update without other items. I love pure chastity sessions. And I will renew my membership. Maybe, Donna will be back one day?

  2. I would love to hear the story about loosing the keys. Oxana is a real cutie

  3. Oh this is really interesting I’m currently mid Term locked in a mysteel pink belt, I find when desperate the lock to be quite weak so very interested in this upgrade can you share where it’s from, love the pink anodized look too matches the pink belt so good.

  4. She’s very attractive. I agree with Muhammed about just the belt- not other items. That’s quite a lock upgrade, in appearance and security.

  5. Where can you get this lock upgrade? It looks wonderful, specially on Oxana!

  6. Becomingjess says:

    My belt so needs this extra security padlock, just love the pink of it.
    No getting out now ☺️

  7. Becomingjess says:

    Where is this beautiful adaption to the my-steel belt from I need to get hold of one!

  8. This big lock gave me an idea so I made one. Much stronger than the original smaller lock. The big lock is much more secure and no modifications are needed for the padlock. If the belt is locked on and the keys are lost you really are screwed if you want to get out. But isn’t that exactly what you want?

    I read a report of an archaeologist who had found a skeleton in a excavation that still had a chastity belt. So if the keys got lost you will be buried in your belt. It has happened before.

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