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It wasn’t all fun and sun for Yvette Costeau when she was in Spain. Even before I got there, the landlord emailed me that Yvette was already there (the other girls did not arrive yet), and that he would put her to work, because there were no photographers to shoot her. I replied (jokingly): “ok, but make sure she wears her chastity belt!”.
I did not think of it any more, but when I arrived in Spain, Yvette was giving me the evil eye. It turned out that the landlord had put her to work for many days, in the hot sun, completely naked and locked in her chastity belt! They had built a little gazebo and the roof needed thatching. Yvette had actually done all of the work in her chastity belt and they had even filmed it all for me! I explained to them later that I had just been joking, but the landlord was very amused and Yvette did not really hate me, she actually thanked me for the opportunity to get used to the belt for such a long period of time.
I’ve been good friends with Yvette ever since, and whenever I see her she makes sure she is locked in her belt (I let her keep it of course). She is one of the toughest girls I know, and she could probably do everything and anything while locked in a belt. It almost seems like she does not notice it anymore! She even goes to the toilet without any problems.
Have you ever seen anyone work this hard, in the hot sun, completely naked in a chastity belt? It is a fantastic video!

A note: this video is very long, so it is a huge file, I hope everyone can download it without problems.

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  1. Basil Blake says:

    Wow… I already knew that sports and chastity is quite compatible, but physical labour… That’s amazing :-) Seems that all excuses for rejecting belts have been refuted right now. So, it’s proven that there is nothing wrong with my “personal creed”: each girl should wear one :-)

    By the way: did she have issues with sunburns?

    • No, she was already tanned before wearing the belt. She loves sun!

      • Basil Blake says:

        Nice to hear that…

        I would love to see her tan shapes. Is there an unbelting video planned? (Even after being released, her skin will continue exposing her chaste lifestyle. That will be so lovely…)

    • Indeed amazing to see it works well during labour.

      Really, there are not many excuses left now =)

      Nice update!

  2. Yes the bra was added later, when I arrived, because they were in my suitcase ;) That’s when we did the 3-girl shoot by the pool.

  3. Basil Blake says:

    Just an idea to add more spice to this challenge:

    What about doing labour while being plugged, or even remotely stimulated?

    • Superb idea…They should be shocked…

      • Basil Blake says:

        A girl fearing shocks on her clit will certainly do (almost) everything her keyholder commands.

        So there are hundreds of ways to create funny challenges.

        I would like her to be ordered to fulfill certain tasks under tremendous time pressure – while being gently stimulated. And in case of failure, her clit should make some “unpleasant” experiences… :-)

        • You make me think of a private image circulating on the net that on the original blog is named “panic button”.

          But I agree, shocks delivered to the most private place is a very good motivation.

    • Physical activities with a vaginal plug stimulating her all the time would be a great show to watch.

      • Basil Blake says:

        CA, you’re a connoisseur, I like your way of thinking… :-)

        The tasks should definitely include climbing a ladder while having a BIG MERCILESS vaginal plug inserted.

        Getting her obedient and removing her ability to object can easily be done by means of some e-stim utilities (as already mentioned before). She will hopefully become butter in her keyholder’s hands.

        In case of having been a good slave, she should be allowed to pleasure herself after her unbelting. I think many visitors of this page would love to watch a further “get unlocked & start masturbating” documentary (after “Jade Indica – unplugged”).

        • There are several activities that would be a pleasurable torture.
          Just a few examples:

          – A hike on a trail with many stairs.
          – Jogging.
          – Cleaning where she has to move things from floor to high shelves.
          – Dancing

          Swimming plugged would surely be an experience as well.

          And if you are into something heavier, shovelling gravel would break out a nice sweat.

  4. If Yvette was an American, she would receive a Purple Heart. What a tough girl!

  5. Interesting update.

    I like the way you ended it.

  6. Mike the Director says:


    This file took just 5mina 10secs to download at 78Mbps – easy.

    And, with the sound synchronised perfectly with the video, a much better viewing experience than last week’s HD video taken around the pool (which, I accept, we have a way to fix).

    It is wonderful to see a woman fully at ease and apparently uncaring as she walks, talks and works I her personal prison; a wonderful advertisement to settle the mind of any wife or girlfriend who might be wavering about taking the plunge.

    With her well-shaped hips, Yvette is a model for women everywhere; I can easily imagine the metal underwear beneath a smart formal blouse and skirt-suit as she walks into an international bank here in London; suited, booted and totally secured!

    A great update, Webmaster – thanks.


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