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/]Remember our Scottish babe Birdy Dee? She was pleading you to request her for a Chastity Deal! Her Casting in thigh bands went very well, she is such a natural in chastity! See part 1 and part 2 here.
And her mission has succeeded! By your request, the tall blonde earned herself a Deal in the apartment! The rules were a bit harsh, but doable by all means. She was going to spend 48 hours locked in chastity belt and chastity bra, without any breaks!
Usually I do not advise people to try this, start with a few hours, learn how to use the toilet (and take off the belt if it is too messy), and learn how to maintain hygiene. To be locked in belt and bra for 2 days, and giving up means you get no money at all, is quite a challenge for untrained Chastity Babes!
Birdy did not really seem to care about all that, she was too excited about the fact that her gear was going to be BLUE!! “It’s BLUEEEEE!”, she exclaimed, “and I’m Scottish!” You gotta love Birdy!
Her body type is quite unusual, in that she is super tall with a tiny waist, which makes for an interesting crotch-waistband ratio. It is great to see girls lock themselves in (like you requested), even though it is a bit more fumbly as they have no experience with chastity gear. The bra was a bit too tight, so she couldn’t really get both boobs in at first (but we fixed it later of course) and the belt lock block was upside down, but after we figured everything out, Birdy was so ready to go to the apartment! Hey, the apartment is empty until the summer, so why not!!

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  1. You are the first to comment again! The schooldays in france are really short! As i have said before, you could speed up your studies. =)

  2. chastityman says:

    Very high heels, perfect :)

  3. Traumaemt says:

    I like the blue lining against her skin! I don’t know what it is, but it really pops out the uniqueness of the chastity belt/bra combo on her! She is just so beautiful with it on that it is unbelieveable!!

  4. Locked_inSteel says:


    It was about time to see a video of a model that is happy to wear a chastity belt! That’s very pleasant and nice to watch!

    Most of the girls so far project a certain degree of negativity and that’s not pleasant at all.

    Looking forward to see more girls being excited (in both senses) being locked in chastity!

  5. CB Locker says:

    Bring back Rosie!

  6. slavelabor says:

    OMG!!! I love that accent.

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