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We really wanted to test our new thigh bands outdoors, so we took our tall blonde Scottish girl to some very curious horses in a nearby field! The whole chastity contraption (rigid style belt and high thigh bands) looks incredible on Birdy Dee! There is no way she can take this gear off without the keys! Her thighs are locked together, but at a very high point, so she has full mobility and can wear her very short dress in public.

In high heels that make her legs even longer, Birdy Dee struts around near the gate, petting the horses and feeding them some fresh grass. The horses seem to approve of our new thigh bands, and more importantly: they like our new Chastity Babe! We told Birdy Dee she has to win you (the members) over to take her back for a long term challenge, something she ‘really really’ wants to do. Actually, it is why she contacted us in the first place, she wants to try a Chastity Deal, and she hopes you will like her enough to give her one!

In the video clip, Birdy Dee tells you what she thinks of the chastity belt and the thigh bands. She thinks it is very cool they can be worn under her dress, with only a few lumps on the sides betraying where the padloks are. Amazingly, she comments that the belt is actually pretty comfortable (she only had been wearing it for less than an hour and she was already fully used to it!). She then goes into detail why she would love to be featured on this website in a Chastity Deal and that she is hoping for you to leave positive comments or email about her! She is definitely reading this, so tell her what you think! Remember: member opinions have priority over visitor suggestions!


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  1. Hi!

    I´d definitely like to see more of you. Let´s hope for at least a two weeks deal and as your bands are so invisible i´d like to see you get out among people and do some chat with other people at a café or something.

  2. I hope u deal a whole year contract in belt, t-bands and also a bra…

  3. Lock her up for quite a while…let’s find out if her pleading for a release is as good as her pleading for a deal. Let her do certain chores (which members can request) if she wants to get out again… it should definitely be a deal that does not involve a fixed amount of days! Give her a maximum (e.g. 90 days) with the oportunity to be released waaaaaaaaayyy earlier if she behaves the way the members want her to behave ;-)

  4. Ross Stone says:

    Again, she has my vote!

  5. if theres a deal it should include full (belt/thigh/bra) + collar

  6. Traumaemt says:

    How about a deal that also requires intermittent times of a locked in dildo to go with the t-bands, maybe some of the back box, and a bra to boot!! Either way it goes, definately should have her for a deal, at least for a month. But she would need to earn time out of the belt for “Good” behavior!!

  7. She has my vote
    id love to see her get a long term deal

  8. bonjour, combien de temps dans la ceinture ? comment peut-ton etre sur quel est bien dans une ceinture 24/24 et quelle peut pas ouvrir la ceinture et la remetre plus tard ? bonne salutations depuis la suisse .

  9. LoveBondage1960 says:


    I love to see her in a long term chastity deal with thigh bands love her Scottish accent.
    The deal should include task’s like going shopping either for food or clothes while belted.
    I happy to remain a member she does a deal here

    • yes and it should be tasks… no.. “ok, she’s belted so take her to the mall to fill the time span…” … no… it should be. You want out? These are the tasks you have to fulfill. If you’re not ready to go out in the belt.. well then stay in it a few days longer ;-)

  10. I know that this is not chastity, but collars seem to be popular i these shots, and I think that any deal she gets should also involve her being locked in a collar all the time. Of course that should be pure metal, and didn’t have to be a big and very heavy one, as she would have to wear it for 1-2 months hopefully.

  11. As she like it, I suggested you to offer her a very long term contract with the complete chastity kit (collar, belt and thigh bands, the 3 chained together) and do register it in the Guiness of the records then.

    Out of the record…. Why not to add a pair of four balls dildo one day a week ?

  12. I would enjoy seeing her in a longer-term deal! I find her Scottish accent oddly sexy, and she looks great in the chastity belt and gear. Wonder what she’d look like with the chastity bra added too?

    She seems eager enough so put her in a longer-term deal. I believe the longest deal you’ve used so far is 30 days so I think she should at least double that. Some outdoor tasks would be cool but I’d be more interested in seeing her indoors so we could see her lovely body naked except for the metal that would adorn it. Please make it happen, you would make this member very happy!

  13. I would also enjoy to have this babe as a Chastity Deal contractant!

    • She is so blonde and sweet, she really does deserves a contract!!! Don’t miss this beauty, she’s worth it!

  14. Tobytja says:

    What happened to her? Did she change her mind?

  15. Isn’t it better to keep her thigh band chains shorter?
    Thigh bands are meant for reducing mobilities!

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