chastity belt 

Here is a custom request of a member who wanted to see Dominique trying out a bikini and then a swimsuit to see which would hide the belt best for a day to the beach. He requested Dominique to cover everything up with shorts and a top at first, before revealing the swimwear underneath.
Obviously, the bikini left her belly exposed, clearly showing the waist belt. That is a good choice for the beach, if you do not care about people staring at you. Dominique wasn’t too sure about it, so she tried changing into a tight blue swimsuit. It covered the belt very well! At least… from the front. There was a big cutout in the back revealing the waist belt. Maybe it would work if she would lie down on her back at the beach.
But Dominique didn’t seem to be happy with either choice. She just wanted the belt off! She got naked and started tugging on the padlocks, but the belt wouldn’t budge. We had a lot of fun filming this custom request! If you have a custom request, you can always email me at, even if you are not a member of the site! We will happily film it for you!


6 comment(s) to “Dominique – swimsuit”

  1. Michael says:

    I love Dominique. She has always been my favourite here on this site.

  2. It’s nice to see how gorgeous she looks – as if she’s not one day older than she’d been those 12 years ago. It’s nice to see that you’re still taking member requests. Right now, I’d be interested in alternative chastity devices (e.g. added security by labia piercings etc.)

  3. matthew meuleman says:

    i would love to see her mum in full chastity

  4. No ideas about that D-ring in the back? I know your thinking of it

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