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A lot of girls are emailing us now to get accepted for a Chastity Deal! Most of them are looking for cash, but some are different… Meet the lovely tall blonde Birdy Dee from Scotland, she is really interested in chastity, and not just for the money!

There is something about her, we think she has a lot of kink in her! We invited her over to our studio for a casting, and we could tell right away that she was really really hoping to get accepted for a long term deal. So here’s what we did: we locked her into a chastity belt and our new (custom made) thigh bands. We told her to put on a dress and get ready to go outside! Watch Birdy Dee cope with her first time in chastity, and don’t forget to check back on her next week, when she will go out in public and you will hear her plea to you (the members) to accept her as a Chastity Babe, as she is really hoping for a nice Chastity Deal contract with us! You decide!

Now, about the thigh bands that we locked onto this pretty girl: we have been searching everywhere to get adjustable thigh bands that can sit either high or low on the upper legs, but we couldn’t find any good ones. So we commissioned a metal worker to make a pair of adjustable ones for us. In this casting, we put them very high on Birdy’s towering legs, and attached them to the sides of her belt by a double chain. A big padlock holds her legs together, making the belt more effective! These new thigh bands look great with stockings! And, being up higher on the leg, they can be concealed by even a short dress! Oh, and as an added bonus: they lift the butt for a very sexy look ;-)

We are planning to sell these custom adjustable thigh bands in the future, if you are interested in getting a pair, just email us! For now, just enjoy this awesome picture set and video clip of Birdy Dee’s first time in chastity, her first steps in thigh bands, and her enthusiasm for more chastity! And remember to check out her outdoors adventure next week!


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  1. Ross Stone says:

    Do it. Make a deal with her, she has my vote.

  2. People who are interested are the best. Also will there be an update to Leyla Gold and her plugged chastity belt? It has been a month.

    • I agree. All I see is reluctence in the girls. It would be refreshing to have a girl that knows what a chastity belt is and really wants to try one out. Bonus points if being in it turns her on. And salvos all around if she wants to keep the belt at the end. That would be the tops. Thats what I want.

      • I don’t know what to do anymore. First there wasn’t enough relunctance, now there is too much? It is so hard to please everyone, I’m almost tempted to make 2 separate sites ;)

        • keyholder says:

          You can never have too much reluctance. In fact there needs to be much more reluctance. And yes, I would pay for a site that brings nothing but chastity reluctance.

  3. I guess you have next week´s film recorded already but if you shouldn´t have it, please get her to describe what she feels like when out in the streets.

  4. I love those thigh bands! However I am still waiting to see a girl go out in a long skirt and thigh bands with connecting chain. When they are up high they aren’t as restrictive, don’t affect the walk as much and probably don’t make as much noise. (I haven’t watched the video yet.) But I love this model! Make her a Babe for sure!

  5. I told you thigh bands look good as a garter belt.

  6. chastitygirl says:

    Get her on a contract.

  7. LoveBondage1960 says:

    The model looks great, sadly I think the thigh band are to high up to have the desired effect, they should be just above the knees to restrict walking and opening the legs that’s the idea for wearing them.

  8. Those wide thigh restrainsts are really cool. From the pix there does not seem to be much freedom in the lock & chain forcing small steps. Not going to be able to spread her thighs very wide.

  9. bonjour ok pour un contrat longue duree mais il faut aussi la filmer dans ses moments travail comportement en dehord de la maison et peut-etre avec des habits un peut oser voir un peut transparent merci et bonne continuation dans ce beau site.

  10. Member.

    Weeeeell, I feel I need more data to make a proper decision. She needs to be shown in chastitybelt a lot more to for me to be able to decide proerply if I want to see her here much more ;)

  11. I regret that any manufacturer thought give to their thighs bands look like a suspenders-belt doubling chains to the belt!
    Hope this will repair in the next time …

  12. cuffkey1 says:

    I found this stunning girl only last year and let her loose on the Bondage world.
    on thing she hates is to be loose as she LOVES being in bondage of any kind.
    this girl is going to be a superstar .
    enjoy the view .

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