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English dialogueRemember sweet UK school girl Kacie? Watch this update first if you haven’t seen it yet! I received a lot of response on that update, a lot of you seem to wish that a chastity belt was part of the school girl uniform!
For this Fantasy update series, I have invited Kacie to Holland, along with her close friend Roxy! The girls will be signing a contract to be belted for a school week (5 days), starting today! Roxy isn’t at all sure about this Deal, but Kacie eventually convinces her friend to be belted for 5 days! Together they can do it! See the girls sign their contracts and give me the keys after they lock each other in their tight chastity belts. And watch them come home after school, Kacie still positive as ever, Roxy already on the verge of giving up on their Deal.
They were already having a few issues on their first day, and the worst is yet to come! They didn’t read their contracts (seems like no one does), and the paper they signed clearly states that something will be ADDED every day. Can you guess what items will be added to this Chastity Deal over the next 4 days? Remember, if they give up at any point, they won’t get any money at all! And since they already did one day, it makes no sense to give up now! They will have to get through this school week!


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  1. Looking forward to this update! !!

  2. Very nice start. I love the schoolgirl theme! One thing bothered me though – the table was in the way of the camera. Next time, please make sure furnitures are not in the way of the lovely girls.

    My guess for added gear:

    1. Chastity bra
    2. Thigh belts
    3. Anke and wrist cuffs
    4. Plug(s)

    • You forgot collars however I doubt they will be able to hide any of those. just bra and connecting chain and maybe thigh bands. perhaps the middle chain can be added the following day

  3. Cuffing_you says:

    Hopefully a collar for each lady ;)

    • Please, according to my opinion, not a collar unless maybe the last update. I believe that the collar is more a collar for

  4. What’s wrong? You are always first to comment! =) And agree with you, it’s always great to see old friends!

  5. Great start to the new yeari love the girls and think a spreader bar to the leg when the girls are sleeping. Maybe a full hood or gag . But thigh bands and bra with collar and cuffs are a must and then a plug or two. I look forward in seeing more up dates

  6. I’d love to see some girls on your site that have orthodontic braces and headgear sometime soon

  7. Collars have been mentioned a few times. How lovely would it be if these were connected by a length of chain? Say a metre or so?

  8. Cool update, in my opinion the best.

    I really hope that there are some more updates without additional gear (maybe a sport clothing update?). Looking forward to the “additions”, too but I think this update is more “origin” for this webpage.

    Personal opinion, no offense.

    • I agree, if you add to much then you Will ruin the sweet innocence of a schoolgirl, but a plug would be fun to watch.

  9. You are adding lines of fine print, which aren’t being read, in order to catch the “Oh no, I didn’t read the contract” moment. Maybe, with the right model, would you consider adding a line stating that the contract can be broken at any time but the model will not get paid AND she will receive the keys once she has paid for all the scheduled studio time.

    Insufficient funds would result in financially enforced chastity for the duration of the contract. That might make for an interesting “Oh no” moment.

  10. ChastityLover says:

    Kacie and Roxy are so cute talking about the belts and contract. It’s another great update, and promises a lot more good photos and videos with each addition.

    I like the comments of our viewers. I personally love collars on the girls. 5 days… hmmm… can you just add everything suggested on the last day?

    Looking forward to the next update! I’m sure it will be good.

  11. Another fantastic update to this great site again! ;)

    In my opinion a mandatory addition are plug (s) for these two cute schoolgirls! ;)

  12. Kacie is adoable in her belt :)

  13. they are in for a lesson; it will also make for worthwhile updates

  14. Do you have few more pics, especially with with belted girls? Right now, the pictures only show the girls holding the CB’s in the hand. A bit posing would be awesome!


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