chastity belt 

For school girls, a chastity belt should be part of their uniform. Who knows what trouble they would otherwise get into! School is a place to learn and a chastity belt can help to focus! Cute UK school girl Kacie James is far too naughty to pay any attention in class though… she would rather spend all day playing with herself.
That’s why Kacie couldn’t wait to get home! She makes herself comfortable and gets out of her school uniform, but the chastity belt is still there, and today it is not coming off! We know Kacie James is going to hate us for that, but her education must continue, even after school! Kacie tries everything she can to get some satisfaction, but the belt is rigid and pretty tight on her young body.
Kacie gives us the finger and mutters ‘stupid thing’ at the belt. She just earned herself one more day in the belt! Just go to sleep, Kacie… there is no way you can get any relief now.

Note: immediately after this Fantasy shoot, Kacie James emailed us, asking to come back for a Chastity Deal! She said she thoroughly enjoyed being belted, and she wants more! It triggered a special feeling inside her! That’s good news, we will try to invite her over to Holland in 2014!


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  1. You found another one. What is it about these girls and there fixations with wearing these belts?

  2. I agree, it must be part of her uniform. Great update, a interesting update could be Kacie James- during school… maybe a conservative ladies school with other misses.

  3. pleez put her in a chastity bra to

  4. really good fantasy update, since she wants a chastity deal, maybe incorporate the chastity bra in the deal, as she was always touching her nipples.

    the deal should be at least 7 or 10 days I’d say

  5. I bet that the belt is going to be a really big pain in the ass for her. how is she going to wash?

  6. LoveBondage1960 says:


    Yes I know your models are over the legal age to do such video’s or photo’s, but I’m sorry but I feel very uncomfortable seeing a scene of a PRETEND school girl on your very good website about Chastity Belts.

    Again this MY OWN personal view about such a subject as school girl. I will not be a member of a site that promote any form of School Girl scenes if you continue with that form of subject.


    • The fact that it’s at least plausible for an 18 year old to be a school girl (at least most countries) puts things a bit easier in my mind.

  7. oh man. chastity belt plus school girl uniform equals perfection!

  8. Hello,

    Wonderful! I (mainly because of this update) rejoined. Please, more of that:

    What about a girl entering the Headmaster’s office in jeans, gets undressed, belted and dressed in the “new” school uniform?

    What about two schoolgirls exploring each others belt?

    Maybe belts in girly colors. It has been a while since you brought that ones.

    I also liked the “living room” background of the update. More than floor and white back wall.

    Please (according to my opinion): Not too much gear for this kind of fantasy update. A bit of variety, OK but not the bra all the time.

    Also it has been a while withe catwalk-fashin-show updates. Just a suggestion.


    • What would be really twisted is if the school in question still uses the paddle as the belt leaves both cheeks bare. Then she has a sore behind and even if she likes it, she’s still left frustrated.

  9. I really liked this set.

  10. This may be the best update ever! I love watching her try to get off while still wearing the belt. I hope she gets a nice long sentence in chastity.

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