chastity belt 

Natalia Forrest is still taking a locked Kacie James out and about in the English countryside. Kacie had no idea where she was as Natalia stopped her car near a playground. She thought it would be a really funny test of the chastity belt if Kacie would go on the various playground equipment.
With her short skirt and lots of wind, that was of course causing a lot of flashing of the Carrara belt. Good thing there weren’t many people around. Natalia made Kacie go on a swing, and some other weird contraptions. It is an hilarious video to watch, as Natalia challenges Kacie to do very silly things in a chastity belt.
After the playground, they started walking again for a long time through the neighbourhood, with Kacie flashing her butt (and belt) lots of times. Natalia actually mentioned at the point that she didn’t even have the key on her, it was still in the car. ‘It would be really bad if you had an emergency right now!’, Natalia laughed. Good thing Kacie is quite used to her mad friend, so she wasn’t too worried. A day in chastity wasn’t too bad… until now. But Natalia was far from done, there were many places to go yet!

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