chastity belt 

Misha was still a bit uncertain and ‘belt-shocked’, after her invitation by Dominique, her belting, and her realisation that she was going to be back in the belt for a while.
Misha is a very shy girl, and she is easily stressed. Usually it is impossible to get this kind of girl to sign a Chastity Deal, you need another person to be with them for support. In the past Deal, Misha had her boyfriend Paul, who helped her to get through the hard moments. Now, here in Holland, I have my gorgeous assistant Dominique, who has an incredible effect on the girls!
When Dominique noticed Misha was still stressed (a lot), she offered to give her a massage! I did NOT suggest this, it was Dominique who came up with this! The girls took off their robes and in a very calm and soothing setting Dominique started to massage Misha’s body with baby oil. First the back, the shoulders, and legs. Then she asked Misha to turn around so she could massage the front too! Even Misha’s boobs got a tender oil massage!
Really, I can not guarantee all models a massage from Dominique, but if my assistant is going to treat more girls like this, we will soon be flooded with requests to get belted!! Actually, I am already getting too many applications to honor, so this treatment could be too much!!
I’m sure you will love this video, it is unique to see a belted girl massage another belted girl! This can not be found on any other website :)

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  1. ANY video with Dominique is guaranteed to be excellent, but with her naked but for her belt and giving naked (except for the belt) Misha a massage… wow.

  2. Ed,
    If you receive to many applications to honour, perhaps i can help.
    I would love to take over a part of your WORKload!.
    It’s only a 90 minute drive from where i live.

  3. Incredible update! Thank you all for this!

  4. Shawn_Crazy says:

    Uh who labeled this “Lesbian”? Maybe she just needs a massage.

  5. ChastityLover says:

    Such a beautiful video. Dominique and Misha look so natural and relaxed in their chastity belts. You’ve really outdone yourself with Dominique in the studio. How long will she be staying? Do you have the keys to her belt?

    The belts really belong on them all of the time. What kind of deal has Misha signed? How long will we get to keep her for our chastity pet?

    • I have the keys to both of their belts. Misha is not staying very long unfortunately due to personal circumstances (not belt related), but she will return later this year no doubt!

      • young_engr says:

        If dominique is up for makingnher belt eearablr you could cover Dominiques chains with some soft PTFE or silicon that would keep fecal material out of the links and also keep the bare chain from sawing into her. Wounds and infections that could occur are terrible.

      • You mean to say that Misha is still wearing her’s it’s quite a commute from the Czech republic just for cleaning breaks. Surely you’ve sent home at least the key to the secondary shield.

  6. Dominique, you are a very kind and loving lady. It does pay to be the first girl under Dominique’s tender loving care! Misha, you are very fortunate.

  7. Can you do a fantasy scene where it looks like a belt is put on then welded shut?

  8. Dominique is one of my favorite nude models on the internet. It’s incredible you get to do so many shootings with her. She must really love you’re website!and now this…wow

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