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Dominique is my website assistant for at least a month! She is staying in Holland, helping me out with studio things and she is a wonderful hostess to new girls! Over the past week, not a lot happened (what with New Year and all), so I asked her: if you could choose any girl from the Babes page, anyone at all, to fly over and keep you company, who would you pick?
Without hesitating, Dominique said ‘Misha!’. Of course, a fellow Czech girl and a very sweet shy gorgeous one even! The only problem was: Misha had told me she would NEVER wear a chastity belt again, after her amazing 10-day Chastity Deal with her boyfriend, over a year ago. Still, I invited her over, and we didn’t talk about chastity for a few days. The girls went out shopping (Misha unbelted, Dominique in her belt of course), we did some random shoots, and they became closer and closer. They even bought matching lingerie together.
I felt it was time for Dominique to try her first belting as the official assistant. Misha knew what was going on of course, but she was slowly getting into it again, thanks to the very funny and playful ways of Dominique, and the fact that she saw Dominique wearing her belt with so much ease. It was time to get Misha locked up for a few days at least, something that would be very hard for the poor little blonde girl. Again.
Watch this video of how Dominique handles her friend, and talks her into trying on a belt again. She then casually throws away the keys, making clear that Misha is back in the belt for some time. At this point Misha still thought it was all a joke, but stay tuned for some tender, stressful, and funny moments with this gorgeous duo!!

English subtitles are included in the member download!

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  1. The D-rings have always been there.

  2. The contract provides for Dominique chastity complete or just the belt?

  3. Brilliant update ! But I don’t see any subtitles…

  4. Nice update – a blue print for this website according to my opinion.

    Can you do a picture set, too? Two belted girls and some fashion (the lingerie). More of that, please.

    Also because there are no collars – collars according to my opinion fit the other webpage but not here. Just my opinion. This page (for my taste) should deal with “managing a CB in the normal world” – collars disturb according to my opinion.

    Fan (Member)

  5. Lovechastity says:

    Wow, Dominique does that on a great way. Like that she is allowed to lock me in chastity too. No problem at all ;-)

  6. She tricked Misha! What have you people turned her into?

    Unlike Misha; Dominique is wearing a custom fit chain style belt. The adjustable ridged one is hard to fit right, it has to be worn tight because of how the shield narrows between front and back, its simply more unforgiving. Are the chains also irritating?

  7. ChastityLover says:

    This website always pleases me with great updates. I kept my subscription for a long time because you provide exactly what you promise – 2 updates every week. We even get bonus updates, and the girls keep getting better and better looking!

    I like the collars. I like the beautiful girls in chastity belts. I love how the beautiful Dominique wears her chastity belt like a second skin. She moves so gracefully and easily in her belt.

    Misha is as lovely as ever. I am so happy you brought Misha back for another deal. She and Dominique make such a wonderful belted pair. I can’t wait to see more of them. I am eager to see Dominique belting other girls.

    Keep up the great work and the fantastic updates!

  8. I’d been looking forward to an update to this category and it was well worth the wait. The upcoming tender, stressful and funny moments sound very intriguing. Fantastic start to the year.

    PS: I had the same issue and resolution as ANnon82 and fokusnik.

  9. I never knew Dominique was fond of Misha. I figured she’d pick Jenni because of their history on your web sites and their both bi bilingual which can help.

    • Jenni is a great model but she would bring the wrong dynamic to this situation. She doesn’t need a chastity assistant to coax her into a belt or ease any stress. She would be better suited to fill in for Dominique had she not been available.

      • Haha, true! Jenni is very very assertive :) She would belt all of you if she had the chance ;) Trust me.

        • I had this ridiculous thought of her and Dominique, international chastity belted cat burglars, sneaking in and belting members in their sleep, interpol hot on their tail.

          You know they might be coming for you if you hear keys jingling late at night.

  10. Uppdate CB 182 is nice and then needed Jenni an assistant! :)

    Dominique belting Jenni C in Latowski

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