chastity belt 

The loose black outfit that Misha brought for her belting was really bothering Dominique. It was a kind of dress, but the top was so loose that Misha’s substantial boobs kept popping out, and you could look right down into the dress, all the way to the chastity belt waistband!
Remembering all the trouble she had to keep her belt covered for 10 days with her boyfriend Paul (see here for example), in public places and at the office, Misha was very uncertain about being belted again. Especially because Dominique seemed so confident! Dominique wanted to go out, have fun, enjoy her time with her new found friend, but Misha was just worrying about what to wear.
Inspecting Misha’s belt and the dress, Dominique asked Misha to get another outfit. I’m so happy with my new assistant! Dominique really has a great effect on girls, she is very calm and tries to help take away any stress! Just look at the way she handles Misha, how she talks to her, calms her down, it is amazing. I almost want to get belted by Dominique, that’s how good she is!! Her huge smile and humor will get Misha through this new Deal.
Misha is not so sure yet, but I can tell she likes Dominique a lot. And Misha is not new to wearing a chastity device, she just never expected to find herself wearing one again! She will get over it. Dominique will see to that!

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7 comment(s) to “Clothing instructions”

  1. Nice update and Misha looked surprised, when Dominique said that she used the chastity belt for four years.

    Also appreciates the close-ups on Dominique´s belt! ;)

  2. As Misha´s top glitters so much people will have to know what to look for to be able to see the belt!

    I don´t think that we have heard anything about for how long our sweetypie Misha will be behind lock this time?

    I also love the way that Dominique just plays with her two locks those few seconds that Misha is out of the picture not really trying to open them.

  3. i recommend a diaper over the belt, due to the wetness caused by wearing it and also because of the difficulties to pee through the tiny holes. what do you think?

  4. Misha will do better the second time around. Can anyone think of a chastity babe that got used to a belt right away? It doesn’t happen. Having Dominique as a chastity counselor is a godsend.

  5. a beautiful pair of belted ladies a challenge would be to see how many updates they would be willing to do

  6. I think Dominique would love to lock a chastity belt on a man!

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