chastity belt 

Alatna was walking through Natalia Forrest’s awesomely furnished house as she was starting to feel more and more uncomfortable. What did she sign up for? Eight hours in this belt seemed so easy an hour ago. Now it was starting to be uncomfortable. She tried watching tv, lying down on the floor, calling her boyfriend (and everyone else she knows), but time didn’t seem to go any faster.
Would you sign up for a Chastity Deal if Natalia asked you? I bet there are a lot of people who would love to do a Deal with her! It’s not easy, but Natalia is really nice and her house is a gorgeous place to be locked up in! The only problem is: due to her past experiences as a Chastity Babe, she is probably much more strict than I am! Poor Alatna! She still had a long time to go!

1 comment(s) to “Alatna – uncomfortable”

  1. Trop serrée ?

    A moins que l’absence de soutiens gorge en acier la pertube ?
    Une ceinture dois être bien adaptée pour etre portée plus que quelques minutes.

    Sinon fatalement c’est inconfortable et vite douloureux !

    Le but n’est pas de dissuader les porteuse mais au contraire les encourager a se protéger 7 jours sur 7 et 24 heures sur 24.

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