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20-year old Rosie from the UK wrote me about her fantasy of being locked in a chastity belt. She was wondering if she could come over to try. She sent me a picture of herself with her email and I had no doubt in my mind: this girl needs to be in full chastity as soon as possible!!
The awesome cuteness of Rosie in contrast to tight locking metal on her tiny body, it was such a beautiful thing to see. Rosie’s big eyes were full of wonder when she saw the chastity belt and bra for the first time. I made her hold the camera so she could introduce herself and the gear she was going to be wearing. Her face is just so innocent! And innocence is what chastity gear is for, right?
I think with Little Caprice, Cassie, Jessica, and now Rosie, I definitely have a cute streak going. Don’t worry though, everyone is over 18! It’s just great to see girls like Rosie interested in trying out this type of gear at their age!
Rosie was very happy in her full chastity outfit, feeling well protected, and with a little training, she could get used to sitting, bending over, and walking around with her thighs locked together. Her dress hides the gear perfectly, although the chains do make an aweful lot of noise. It’s a shame it was just a Casting, I would have loved to keep her in chastity for a while longer. Now it’s over to you, please post comments if you want her back, and I will fly her over again to give her a more challenging time in Holland!


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  1. Have you introduced Rosie to your

  2. Ingemar says:


    As there are some Englishspeaking girls who have been here now, would it be possible to make a weekend offer for at least two of them to come together?
    Second, please get some of that hose you use on cables and put it on the lock between the thighbands to reduce the rattle, otherwise we will never be able to see a girl in bands in the street.
    Third, great girl bringing a long enough dress to get everything hidden.

  3. ChastityLover says:

    Rosie is very cute! I approve & would like to see her again.
    Next time I would prefer she wear heels to make her look even better.

    I’m very pleased that she went with the full outfit for the casting.
    Great shoot!

  4. DaffyDuck says:

    Definately get her back very cute very cute indeed.
    P.S if shes looking for a british guy to lock her up happy to oblige xD

  5. epic whore says:

    yes i want to she her :)

  6. ANnon82 says:

    This has become one of my favorite update here at Chastity Babes.

    Rosie appears to be fascinated by the chastity gear. I also liked the fact that she had a dress that worked for full chastity.

    The thigh bands seem to be at max size. Would the custom adjustable thigh bands you used on Chloe (CB228) have been a better option?

    I hope that Rosie is willing to come back for additional shoots, she would be wonderful as a regular Chastity Babe.

  7. spanking butt says:

    very nice more restraints needed….

  8. Would love to see more of rosie.

    So sweet girl

  9. Tommyboy says:

    Wow – very cute model! Awesome chastity gear, she looks great in it, hope she enjoyed it! Look forward to seeing more :)

  10. Rosie is a sweetie, would like to see her again and with the lot, chastity, bra, collar and cuffs. i think she could take.
    p.s. do you have shots of her introduction to posted?

  11. CB Locker says:

    Is Rosie ever gonna come back? And I can’t find her on Metal Bondage.

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