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After the beach, and the shopping, there was still a lot of Chastity Deal left for poor Tiffany. Granted, she made full use of her shopping Deal, but stores tend to have a closing time, and when evening came, she had to stop shopping.

We think she got a great Deal, lots of free clothing for 24 hours in a chastity belt. We get so many emails about this shopping Deal! We guess free shopping are magic words for girls! Tiffany still had to spend about 14 more hours in the belt though, and she was really getting annoyed by having to wear it. When all the stores closed, we walked around in the busy city center for a good while, lots of people around, encouraging Tiffany to show her belt. It was very exciting, and a lot of people got a good look! We have found that it is absolutely no problem to be seen in a chastity belt in public. No one will even comment on it, they just stare, out of curiosity.

Now we know we can show the belt more in public, we are looking for fearless girls who want to wear the belt visibly in crowded places, maybe just wearing shorts and a top, like this. Even thigh bands come to mind, or a full outfit including a chastity bra at the beach! We have to show the world that it’s okay to be belted!


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  1. roadie12 says:

    these are great updates, especially for a girl reluctant to be belted, maybe even a next step after casting

  2. Fashion: Terrific outfit! Quite the eye catcher. Shouldn’t it warrant a belt? And Is modeling really that hard? Well perhaps its your choice of belt. You know how frustrating the shield can be on your double pad locked chain style belt. And why so fewer belts on your list? are they only the ones you sell?

    Beach shoots: The Latowski looked perfect on Natalia (her for instance) for a beach shoot (both the belt and the bra). Just needs a rear shield for full legal and modest coverage.

    Public interest: Even back in 2011/2012 people were curious, fixated or otherwise fascinated about chastity belts (Isn’t that that this site is all about?) as Dominique mentioned in CB 124 about hers at parties/clubs (Thigh bands or no).

    Shorts and a top: Besides Latowski, the other belts are simply too pornographic to wear alone without outerwear. But how to design one as outerwear but still functional for bathroom use? Could that function alone be indecent?

  3. Would love to see some public situations where the belt is exposed like in the Victoria shoot. Perhaps you could sweeten the deal even more by having a belted girl approach people and engage in conversation. That would take a VERY brave model, though!

    I admittedly haven’t been a paying member for several months, but it looks like you’ve had some fantastic updates lately. Might be time for me to consider renewing. Keep it up!

  4. Someone needs to say this….

    Remote control! :)

  5. Would really like to see a girl in full chastity on the beach!

  6. Oh oh, brilliant idea. How about, shopping trip, belted with vaginal plug? They have to move around while shopping…. Should be pretty interesting, and frustrating (hopefully)

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