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Real life Spanish Chastity babe Wetnesday is still gaining popularity with her lifestyle! She is very awesome, dedicated to spend as much of her life in chastity (and other metal gear) as possible. I just admire that so much! It’s not easy, but Wetnesday certainly makes it look awesome and fun!
Here is a brand new vlog from Wetnesday, going shopping for new clothes, wearing her FancySteel belt. It is awesome to see her out and about, she loves public chastity so much! Wetnesday is trying on all kinds of new clothes, and I think most of it looks really good on her in combination with the chastity belt. Which clothing item is your favorite in this video? Please comment below!
I will give Wetnesday a very challenging Chastity Deal soon, she will come over to the Netherlands and she will be in a LOT of metal all of the time. She wants to be challenged with heavy locking items 24/7! I think I can give her a good week here in Holland! If you have any suggestions for her upcoming Deal, just comment below or email me at!

6 comment(s) to “Wetnesday – shopping in chastity”

  1. Bartman says:

    I would love to see her in a full chastity set including ankle and wrist cuffs all chained linked together. That would be a great challenge

  2. Could you consider foot chastity, i.e. stainless steel high heels, as part of the metal restraints for that challenge? So far they have only been worn for limited periods of time but if someone can do it for a week it is Wetnesday! And you mentioned on Instagram that you were open to trying that…

  3. Fashionshow with every available belt ( like i mentioned before), great to have you back, always thought dutch ladies are the best chastiybabes, till now.

    • Michael says:

      When at home, wrists locked to the sides of the belt, ancles locked together with a short chain, and a heavy collar chained to something so she can’t move around too much.

      She should also be gagged from time to time with the gag locked on.

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