chastity belt 

Our shopping Deal seems to go down really well with most girls! We take you shopping for a day, and you wear a chastity belt. It’s that easy. Well, it is not actually. The belt will go on super tight and the Deal is at least 24 hours, so it includes one night. There are no breaks so you will need to go to the toilet with the belt on, and shower if you want to (and you will probably want to).

After taking Tiffany to the beach, she wanted to continue and get some of that free shopping! We took her to a big department store in Holland (Dutch members will recognise it in the pictures and video), and Tiffany soon had her arms full of clothes to try on.

There was a row of fitting rooms in the back, so we headed there to let Tiffany try on her picks. It was harder than we thought to shoot there! We tried to take pictures and video of Tiffany undressing and dressing, but there were a lot of people around. There were also security cameras in the hallway, and some guards must have had the time of their life, although we were quite litteraly kicked out of the store after only 20 minutes!! No filming allowed in fitting rooms apparently. They did not even say anything about Tiffany’s chastity belt… it’s the shooting that we have to make a little more discrete.

Oh well, we got away with some exciting footage, so check out Tiffany locked in a tight chain style belt in a public environment, it’s great!


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  1. roadie12 says:

    in search of cloths that best match her chastity belt maybe she should be measured for a more secure model at a later time

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