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With their horse saddled, Natasja and Laura both started to feel a little nervous. They are not as experienced in riding as Wendy and her sister Billy-Jean.

Natasja was up first. She got off to a very slow start, where Billy-Jean had to guide her horse. After a while, she was left to ride in circles on her own, with Laura keeping an eye on her. You can see the slow movement of Natasja in the saddle, she is firmly locked into the belt, and it is pushed up into her hips. She felt every movement of the horse in the crotch shield and waist band, because of the rigidness of the belt.
However, as Natasja mentioned before, the belt actually helped relieving her minor spine injury, keeping her back in a fixed position with good posture. Riding also improved her posture a lot. We hope that chastity belts for back support will be prescribed by all doctors from now on!

In the meanwhile, young Laura (helping Natasja by guiding the horse) does not seem aware of how stunning she looks in her belt. She didn’t even remember she was wearing it until it was her turn to ride…

As you can see on the right hand side, Wendy has asked us to implement the donation widget for her cause (saving street dogs), you can also reach her on if you have any questions about her charity! Please be respectful when emailing her!


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  1. That chipin thing for helping the girls pops up in Dutch. Only.

  2. Jarrett says:

    Why don’t you do something like this again in the future? Charity + belted girls, win win

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