chastity belt 

My new resident local model is Ivy Red! She is gorgeous and very kinky! Elegant, slender, and I think she looks a little bit like Arwen from the LotR movie trilogy. Maybe it’s just me. But I was inspired to film a beautiful slow video with her, locked in a FancySteel belt.
Cosplay with chastity is always a great combination! The green Elvish dress and necklace are perfect with Ivy’s big innocent eyes. She genuinely looks very confused, like an Elf who has just been belted. Slowly she investigates her predicament, only to find out it is securely locked and she can’t touch herself.
Her nimble fingers run over the belt, and she even takes off her dress to have a better look at the steel contraption on her waist. Ivy Red is awesome in her role, and she actually loved being belted a lot! She has asked me if she can be belted more often, to get used it the feeling. As Arwen would say: ‘I choose a belted life!’


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  1. She looks perfect for boundlife! Actually replace look with is perfect!

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