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As promised, we embarked on a mission to prove that all women in the world should and CAN be belted at all times. There’s the usual excuses you hear, like: I can’t hide it under clothes (proven wrong on this website), I can’t move well in a chastity belt (again, proven wrong by us), and: I can’t do all my hobbies and activities in a rigid steel device. Most often mentioned: horse riding!

Well here is Wendy, a champion in horse barrel racing (not just riding, but racing at very high speeds, and jumping too). She will get rid of the excuse that a girl can not ride in a chastity belt! Tell your girlfriends!! Or better, show your girlfriends!

In the morning of the ‘Belted for Charity’ event day, Wendy went for a long ride on her horse, showing off her skills, totally unhindered by the chastity belt, even though she is bouncing up and down in the saddle very hard. Full speed horse gallop? No problem for Wendy, firmly locked in a rigid style chastity belt. You’d think that the crotch part would bounce up and hurt her hips at the sides of the waist belt, but she said there was no problem at all!

Of course, Wendy is a pro. But you will see later that ALL girls who got belted that day rode without problems, even though some were inexperienced riders :) Stay tuned for more Wednesday ‘Belted for Charity’ updates, where we will meet the rest of the girls and have a closer look into their long locked up day!

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  1. LoveBondage50 says:

    Double WOW or may be Triple WOW

    This certain proves that a lady can wear a belt for horse riding, and I have to admit I’m one of those or thought it would be impossible to do?

    Well done to Wendy and to you guy’s

  2. anonymous says:

    Ugh… I knew I shouldn’t of gotten my hopes up. I was so anticipating we get to see that first time belting and first time reaction to being belted by these girls. I knew these girls would be conservative about the shoots due to the nudity factor involved. This is just such a disappointment I don’t know what else to say. I’m just shaking my head in disbelief.

    • Webmaster says:

      Of course these girls are conservative about nudity, they are just local girls trying to raise some cash, they are not models, not even confident about doing this. So your hopes might have been way too high, although you already state that you expected them to be conservative.

      • anonymous says:

        I’m not trying to be hateful or rude when I comment here. But can you see it from my point of view? I just thought since you convinced Donna to show a bit of nudity to put on a belt you could convince these girls too. I’m not asking for porn, just that reaction to being belted. I basically tricked my mind all week thinking you would show the belting.

        I want so badly to give you my money and support this site again. It is just that it is hard getting motivated again knowing that you will show this type of shoot for a month+.

        • Webmaster says:

          No problem, just keep in mind that the site’s main updates are actually on Friday’s. The Wednesday story lines are a bonus and you may or may not like them.

        • I, too, love beltings and unbeltings, but for me the nudity is just a bonus. Any way we can watch the girls’ faces as the belts are put on?

      • MiketheDirector says:

        It is wonderful to see normal girls being prepared to embrace something which is not mainstream in order to help their chosen acharity – the animals which they support.

        It seeems a little churlish to criticise them in the manner which “anonymous” has chosen. I say well done to them for staying so “conservative” – and long may they remain so!

        Let’s see what other material emerges over the coming weeks. On a practical note, I would LOVE to support the charitable efforts of these wonderful “game for a challenge” ladies. To that end, would webmaster be able/willing/prepared to publish the details of how this appreciative audience might make a contribution to the stable fund? This would be a really good way and would reward these belted equestrian ladies for being so willing to “go beyond” their normal limits and constraints.

        Well done to ALL involved in this novel event.


  3. If it’s supposed to be a public event, somebody might be interested to come and see it offline.

  4. GIDDYUPP!!!!

  5. More girls should do charity with chastity! ;)

    … and continue with your mission to prove that all women in the world should and CAN be belted at all times! Something I glas to assist.

  6. steelcuffer says:

    hi guys, this is aswesome! I hope the rest of the girls are wearing riding helmets when they ride and on the pucs/clips for this site. I just love riding girls in riding helmets and chastity belts :-)

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