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English dialogueMy dear friend Natalia Forrest was in Holland again. And even while she knows she will be belted, she still prefers to stay at the apartment, because it is free (plus free food and drinks). She is a tough one! So this time it was full chastity for her again, locking her thighs together as much as possible and always in bra and belt of course!
Natalia even made a report about staying in Holland. What it is like to stay over at the studio and the apartment, and how she got used to this Deal which seems so normal now. I will definitely share this funny insight video with you as soon as possible, because so many girls and women (and couples) are emailing me for a locked stay, and they want to know what will happen and what it is like!
But today, I will share with you this amazing video of Natalia on the treadmill, as she was determined to work out, even in full chastity. There should be no excuses for 24/7 female chastity, so I let her try, even though I was a little worried about her locked thighs. Natalia is crazy! She went all the way up to full speed after taking off all of her clothes… because she got really hot.
Full speed is about 10 kilometers per hour! Quite fast, even without any chastity gear! Watch Natalia run flat out in chastity, really breaking a sweat, and never let anyone (your girlfriend / wife) tell you that the chastity gear needs to come off for fitness! We have proven time after time that all exercising can be done in chastity, and we will continue to do so!!


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  1. Shallow breathing under the bra and thigh bands locked together? That girl can run! (I like her outfit too)

    I hope the rubbing of the primary shield wasn’t too hard on her legs. Those double padlocking belts can be pretty wide under the pubic mound.

  2. Mike the Director says:

    A lovely vision of poetry in motion.

    I am pleased to see that British girls continue to lead the way in proving the adaptability of the female form to wearable chastity.

    The first picture in the photo set showed a poised, confident young woman, ready to exercise, before revealing the steel beneath.

    Well done Natalia.


  3. This treadmill exercise should be a part of every deal, even if only for a day. Natalie is great. Though I expected more complaining.

    Overall, fantastic.

  4. slavelabor says:

    Love it, all thats missing is her collar.

  5. Nothing is impossible with a chastity stuff (except having sex obviously).
    I already tried skating with my scooter outside with belt-bra-collar-thighcuffs: it was not eas since thighcuffs were too low, but I managed! Higher thighcuffs would have not hindered me at all.
    However, I’m still amazed to see girls ready to do everything to get money, and you show us nothing is impossible with this stuff =^.^=

    Only drawback: no collars. But the last updates were meowtiful, I can’t blame you =^.^=
    Good boy =^.^=

    • Wendy, you seem to seize every opportunity to be belted?:)
      I wish I had belt-style device. Cages are too restrictive for active lifestyle.

      • Yes, I’m usually always belted. I’m used to be belted and do everything in my armor, no matter if someone see her (even under my swimsuit). I love my belt-bra-collar =^.^=
        She’s my identity card. And my collar has a great worth =^.^=

        I don’t know how restrictive cages are, but I though they were less restrictive than belts. Lots of people think I’m actually hindered by my stuff (a belt tightened on my waist with a shield between my rear paws, and the bra and the heavy collar, it’s huge!). But no, I’m still flexible.

        • You are so fond of your armor! I hope she loves you back;)

          Don’t want to dig into physiological details, but cages are too bulky and all the weight attached to sensitive parts. So it’s hard to wear. But mainly cages are not so secure as belts. I am pretty much used to weight and tightness after 24/7 wearing for several months. But I want to be totally unable to do anything pleasurable if I was locked.
          I dream of Neosteel male belt.
          It has a plug slot! Awwwww!

          I know it’s impossible to be locked forever, but thinking of it makes my heart jump in excitement.

          • I don’t know lots of things about male belts (and obviously I can’t experiment them, I’m a girl). Why don’t you try a cheap male chastity belt?

            Yes, my armor loves me =^.^=
            Usually I keep her for days (even weeks). But since my health started worsening, my body marks too much and I can’t stay locked for more than 24h (except the collar which isn’t too tight). It’s better since I’m healed but I will need time to become stable (I’m losing and gaining weight very fastly).
            Plugs are horrible: I tried once in the anus: it’s actually painful. And a week ago I had the bad idea to buy and try a steel vaginal plug: I’m not meant to be plugged yet. Maybe in some months…

          • Replies are too deep now, Wendy:)

            I haven’t seen yet cheap male belt that could be worn for extended time period.
            So i stick to the cage for now.

            Yes, it’s much up to health and personal comfort when it comes to plugs. I find buttplugs very comfortable, and I have vast experience with plugs. But don’t know yet how it goes with belt. Yet I have high hopes. I even has lockable buttplug, which presumably can’t be pulled out without a key. It spreads wide and locked with a key. But it was a disappointment. It comes out fine without a key.

          • Have you looked here?
            I consider 200 € is cheap for a male belt. It was the same which was worn by Stefan for 30 days. And I already saw this belt with an anal lockable plug (you should ask on the webmaster, he can help you).
            Natalia has already tried plugs, they were not so horrible for her. But spreadable plugs (“ultimate asslocks”) could be great to try on her! It must be great under her full stuff =^.^=
            (I used to want to try this kind of plugs, but when I tried classic small plugs, I gave up the lust; maybe I should wait my health is better).

  6. Hi,

    I was asked to leave a comment about my Meet&Greet with Cobie and the webmaster last monday, even if it doesn’t connect to this update exactly.

    So I like to tell the background story first.

    I met the webmaster, Cobie, Pling and some other bondage stars at the BoundCon Austria this year.
    Unfortunately I missed most of the promo activities of because I could just be there on Sunday.
    Luckily the Meet&Greet with Cobie some weeks later was offered to me and I agreed almost immediately.

    I liked the idea of escape challenges at the BoundCon stage.
    So I thought I could use that idea at the Meet&Greet somehow.

    But because I like metal bondage and chastity belts most, it would be different.

    I will tell the rest of the story later, maybe at the next update with Cobie.

    This update of Natalia is great, and I would have loved to meet her too.

    • Your story makes me drooling =^.^=
      Don’t stop sharing it!

      • Hi Wendy,

        you asked so nicely, so I decided to tell some more.

        I met Cobie and the webmaster at the studio with different sets I know from the updates.

        At the time of the Meet&Greet Cobie was doing a 13 days chastity challenge for this website already.
        So she had been locked in a chastity belt for over a week.
        It was allowed to change between her fancy steel and the neosteel chastity belt, so I could see some marks on her hips.

        I can assure you that the chastity challenge wasn’t affected in any way. And I am sure Cobie will finish it successfully.

        • I wish I was at this Meet&Greet, but it was still not possible.
          I love when members share how they live visiting models =^.^=

          Cobie is a strong girl, no doubt she will succeed in this challenge =^.^=

          • Hi,

            someone else joining the Meet&Greet would have been interesting.

            Today is probably a sad day for the webmaster because Cobie will be leaving.

            I can imagine what that might feel like, or maybe not.

            I enjoyed every minute I was able to spend with Cobie and the webmaster (at BC Austria and at the Meet&Greet).
            Both of them are very kind.

  7. How about handcuffing behind her back and attaching nipple clamps that are in turn attached to the treadmill…Would be an erotic predicament, isnt it???

  8. Wow… nice babe… She should better have been in high heels and stockings instead of baskets…

    • You have crazy ideas… Running with high heels isn’t very careful…

    • Call me a sucker for fitness wear but some running shoes are stylish and functional. Especially when worn with short socks with lace trim, but stockings also work. It’s o.k. to like the frilly stuff as long as your thoughts and eyes are on adults. Even sissy mails wear it.

  9. aerobics and weight training all togehter

  10. Natalia is beautiful. I love her smile, hair, and skin. She literally glows. A goddess, frankly.

    And I am impressed with her development. She isn’t as bratty and pouty as she once was. The chastity devices have done a good job, she is becoming much more obedient, and her attitude is improving.

    Perhaps next, instead of a treadmill, she can do some ponygirl training. She talks too much, a bit gag would help her. And of course, a collar and leash would keep her close by.

    She has cried before, I think kneeling on rice might help her release some emotion again.

    She is a gorgeous woman with a great sense of humor and wonderful submissive tendencies. Thanks for bringing her back and hopefully she is up for more challenges in the future.

    • No gag! I complain Vina is too silent, I love hearing girls (especially when they whine or beg). Don’t you?
      Except this point, I fully share your point of view: Natalia is amazing and very courageous =^.^=

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