chastity belt 

Lottii Rose spending the entire day in a Carrara belt at Natalia Forrest’s house was a bit of a surprise to me. Because Natalia never tells me who she is going to invite for her next keyholding session.
Natalia loves to test UK girls before she sends them over to Holland for a longer Chastity Deal, but I have never actually told her to invite THIS MANY girls. She just keeps going, telling all of her friends about the Deal. I suppose she just likes to help them make a lot of money, even though she knows very well a Chastity Deal is never easy. Who remembers Natalia Forrest desperate and complaining in her belt over here in the Netherlands?
Anyway, Lottii seems like a perfect candidate, she is bubbly, happy, and she can move well in a chastity belt. I don’t see any problems locking her up for a 5 or 7 day Deal. It would be a pleasure to have a naked Lottii bouncing around my house for a while!

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