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The girls really didn’t have much of a holiday actually… Except from the rare moment by the swimming pool and a castle walk, they had to do chores and work very hard to get their free holiday in Spain with this landlord. And then I showed up with my chastity belts and bras… I almost felt sorry for them.
But Yvette Costeau (black chastity), Lillian Caine (pink chastity), and Rija Mae (blue chastity) seemed to be in exceptionally good spirits! Even when they had to clean the kitchen and do the dishes, they were smiling and chatting all the time. Yvette and Lillian were even joking Rija (the youngest) around a little, refusing to help her to store the shopping items, and teasing her about her later release time.
You see, when I arrived, I belted Yvette and Lillian in black and pink, and on that first day we went to see a Spanish castle (this update will be posted soon, it is amazing). But Rija Mae’s plane did not arrive until the end of that afternoon, so she was belted almost 8 hours later. That is why you can hear Yvette and Lillian teasing her that they will be out soon and Rija will have to endure another 8 hours when they are already released!
A lot of you understand German, so this will be a nice update, you can hear them talk about the castle walk (in chastity), and their experiences sleeping in the bras. If any German members can provide an SRT subtitle file, that would be great! Just let me know!

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  1. WendyNeko says:

    Meow meow meow =^.^=
    You are very cruel with these girls: Yvette had a very hard work to do, now they have to do chores, with tight belts and bras [ironic].
    I really love this kind of “cruelty”, it’s soft, respectful, and if the girls have a huge reward…

    I don’t understand German, but they don’t look sad to do this. Members will probably ask more of this kind of lifestyle =^.^=
    And 3 girls with 3 colors! If other colors exist for this stuff…

    Looking forward for the castle, you are definitely the best webmaster =^.^=

    Please make us sure: they didn’t shop the items with their steel bikinis only..?

  2. Basil Blake says:

    It’s not only getting used to being locked up. One can clearly see that they actually enjoy their belts :-) Wish they would never get unbelted again…

    The tightness of their chastity bras looks extremely hot. Thanks to Mr. Webmaster ;-)

    • Bras and belts must be tight fitting, so no finger can reach anything useful when the need and frustration rise.

      And it looks hot as you say =)

      Also, wonderful with girls so comfortable in the gear while actually being active as it proves chastity can fit right into normal activities.

      • WendyNeko says:

        Nothing is impossible to do locked in a chastity stuff (except having sex). It’s meant to be worn everyday, and this website show this very well =^.^=
        A loose belt and bra slide, the thigh skin chafes on the shield, … they are very unpleasant to wear (and unsecure). All the models wear tight belts and bra, it’s purrfect =^.^=

        • Basil Blake says:

          “Nothing is impossible to do locked in a chastity stuff (except having sex).”

          Well, what about passing airport security, dear WendyNeko… ??? :-) :-)

          • WendyNeko says:

            I never tried and I didn’t think about metal detectors… we don’t go through a metal detector everyday =^.^=
            But I know some women have gone in the airport belted (they were allowed to fly without removing their belts), so this can’t be a big issue…

          • Don’t worry about metal detectors, I have a plan for those, and you will see it within the next 2 months. A little more patience!

          • WendyNeko says:

            Why did I think you will show us a plastic belt?
            2 months!!! It’s tooooo long, now! MMMMMMEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW
            [ironic, we have lots of updates to wait]

          • Within two months. Not in two months.

  3. I’m on it, not much time, but Sa or So I’ll be finished

  4. Beautiful girls. Beautiful belts. Ugly cabinets. You should ask if the girls can repaint them. ;) Painting in chastity, a new summer past time.

  5. Nice update.

    I don’t understand German but I do understand what they are complaining about. :)

  6. Perfect!!! In my perfect world, this is something natural that all women wear chastity belt and bra in everyday life.

  7. Do you have a bustier or three-in-one of the metal?

  8. I can’t decide which girl is the cutest. All three are adorable.

    • WendyNeko says:

      The pink is the cutest (I love pink stuff and tatoos). But the blue is the cutest too (I love her red hair). But the black is the cutest too (black hair matches purrfectly with black belt-bra). It’s too hard with different belts-bras colors (and different skin colors also)…
      Maybe a “Miss Chastity” contest in the future to break the tie? Or if you have 5 girls (or more) who want to become models, give each of them black belt-bra, let them on the catwalk, and members will elect the most beautiful girl =^.^=
      [serious idea]

      • When I arrived in Spain, I was tempted to mix the bra and belt colors. But I’m glad I didn’t.

        • WendyNeko says:

          Mixing belts and bras colors: bad choice. I used to have a pink bra with a black belt: it’s ugly.
          Everything is perfect like this! Good job!

          • Basil Blake says:

            All chaste girls I know wear red silicone profiles. I think red is the best fitting colour, as its symbolic meaning is something like “stop” / “stay away”.

            My cousin was allowed to choose her belt’s colour on her own, what helped her a lot to build up a healthy relationship to it. She has developed a deep love for her “personal guardian”, she enjoys presenting it (at home, not in public…) and is always keen to get locked again after having had a break…

            So, we should never underestimate the positive effects of pleasurable belt designs.

        • Don’t mix colors, it just don’t work well.

          Glad you didn’t =)

  9. It seems, that nobody of the members understands German. I do, but sorry, I am not a member. I’d like to translate it into English. Therefore I need at least the audio track of the video.

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