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Fans of this website will definitely know Aiyana from Germany. She has been in her NeoSteel for many years and she has appeared in some updates on this website. For example: Aiyana – hired help, Aiyana – slave treatment, and Aiyana – kitchen chores.
She found a new Master, but he just kept her in her belt, so it is just more of the submissive life that Aiyana really enjoys! This German girl is 100% used to wearing her belt, and she even posts about it on social media! She recently got a brand new NeoSteel belt, but I really like this one too, so I asked her to film a bit more of her daily life for this website.
Apparently, she still loves doing kitchen chores for her Master! Running around in the kitchen to peel potatoes and cook a meal, Aiyana looks so natural in her belt, it is really hard to imagine her without it. She is such a cool real life Chastity Babe, I really enjoyed meeting her at a convention recently where she joined the Chastity Babes promo team! I am looking forward to receiving more real life footages from Aiyana, she is a great example for girls out there who want to start wearing a belt!

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  1. Muhammed Çiftci says:

    Neosteel is a great manufacturer. Is she dressed during the complete video?

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