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The first to respond to our casting call was Carie. This beautiful girl was belted for the first time in January for (see her updates over there). Apparently, she likes a challenge and she immediately reported for her try-out belting at

For this casting, we told Carie to strip naked and lock herself into a chastity belt. This belt was exactly fitted to her measurements. Once locked, there would be no escape or gratification without the key.

With all future castings, we will ask the girl to get fully dressed after putting on the belt, so they can imagine what it feels like to be belted in daily life. They are also given the opportunity to check if the belt is visible under their clothing. Carie was wearing a very low cut pair of jeans, so that was not a good choice. As Chastity Babe, she will be learning quickly that certain types of clothing are less appropriate than others. Pulling her top all the way down, Carie managed to hide the belt from view. She used an interesting technique: Carie wrinkled her top so the waist belt is less visible through her shirt.

Including this shoot and about 30 minutes afterwards, Carie was belted for a total of 1 hour. She felt a little embarrased, but also very excited.

What do you say? Can Carie become our first Chastity Babe? Should she be belted for longer periods? Maybe even overnight?


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  1. georgehs53 says:

    good start webmaster – nice one – but I think members need to ‘review’ the film closely to make sure of quality control and that Carrie has securely locked herself in!!!!

  2. chastizer says:

    Carrie looks amazing in the little thumbs. She looks so different I can hardly believe they are the same women.

    Just wondering, I notice this belt has a lip that sticks up in the very front. Won’t this cause her harm when she bends forward?

    Also, why are there holes all over this belt design? I thought at first it was so that different waist and crotch pieces could be joined to fit different girls, but it doesn’t look as if they have any function. Just aesthetics?

    • Webmaster says:

      You will have to inspect the pictures very closely to see that there is no lip that can harm Carie.
      The little holes make the belt fully adjustable, to place the holes exactly over the right places and make the belt super tight around the waist and crotch so the girl is in real chastity, no faking.
      I will post a section explaining the different belts in the future.

      • Chastizer says:

        I see about the lip, it just looked like that in that one picture. Now that you’ve added some more previews it clearly flush.

        I had no idea you were making these belts. Do you also make all the equipment for MetalBondage too? It might be interesting to see the process (if it doesn’t reveal anything trademark related of course) Like a developer’s diary, or something similar to the House of Gord installation videos.

        Looking forward to the site.

        • Webmaster says:

          We don’t make these belts, but we have modified them. We will use a lot of different belts on this site, most of them modified in some way.

  3. georgehs53 says:

    ha ha.. she clearly comes from ‘brazil’…nice touch very sexy!

  4. Iceman2436 says:

    A great start for your new web site.
    And yes she should diffidently be belted longer, the longer the better in fact.

  5. Excellent start. Models should be belted for one day, and maybe bring the total time to one week! Seems like Carrie got excited by her steel belt. Was the belt comfortable. Next time belt Carrie for days.

  6. Wow, she looks great in the preview! Overnight would be a good way to get her used to it. She’ll feel like everyone is watching her at first, and don’t wanna scare her off, now do we? Personally, I’d like to see her work up to a week. The shoot at the end of the week would be something to see!

    I’m also glad of the steps you took to make sure it was “real”. It’s easy to see when a chastity belt doesn’t fit right, if the girl moves around much.

  7. I just joined your website. The video is awesome! The pictures are too! Was Carie comfortable in the belt?

    • Webmaster says:

      Thank you very much for your support in this early stage! Carie was a little uncomfortable, but it will take every girl some getting used to having her private parts locked away. She will continue trying to be belted, and we will report on her progress (with pictures and video of course).

  8. Any new girls willing to be belted? What day of the week do you plan to update your website? I know metalbondage is Sundays.

    • Webmaster says:

      The update day will probably be Fridays. There is heavy email traffic with some potential new models. Curiosity seems to be the main motivation!

  9. Pretty and cute girl.

    I only hope a next update wearing bikini, or another update with the tigh bands..

  10. faltam dois dildos com controlo remoto para serem acionados a qualquer hora e em qualquer lugar, a menina assim vai ficar toda excitada e ao mesmo tempo cheia de vergonha por sair expressão de prazer do seu rosto!!!

    • Pois, mas nada de deixar chegar ao pico, na queremos estragar o conceito do cinto ao deixá-las chegar ao climax. Mas tipo este site é um cado mais na onda de modelos, na me cheira que façam esse tipo de coisas. Eu, cá, na me importava…

      (Translation: Onilef suggested using remote controlled dildos to make the girls wet and aroused. I replied stating that though I’d love the idea this site doesnt seem to go that way, its more of a modeling site, so I wouldnt expect it)

      • Webmaster says:

        You are wrong ;-) We will be going all kinds of ways. Especially ways that members want to see. Remote stimulation will be a part of this website!

    • Anne Marie Jones says:

      Carrie looks suspiciously like my office assistant, Laura N!

      Another ideawould be to belt 3 girls in a chain gang fashion and run the chain links through their butt cracks snd riveted to the belt buckle of the following girl.

      Finally, how about durect pussy pierced and riveted wire chastity? Like being “sewn in”?

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