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Meanwhile, over at, pretty blonde girl Brittany was convinced to do a shoot, something she has refused for a long time. The members over there immediately petitioned for her to be belted, so she was sent over here to be introduced to chastity belts.

Brittany did not even know what a chastity belt was, and when she saw hers lying on the table, she did not really know what to do with it at first. So she started to take it apart, spreading all the pieces out on the table, studying every detail with great interest.

This new belt is completely different than the ones we have used before. It is a high security chain style belt, and it has numerous improvements and advantages, like:
– a top quality cylinder lock from high security firm Bürgwachter, encased in a heavy metal locking block at the waist, making it impossible to use a boltcutter
– neoprene coated ass chains for better hygiene
– adjustable crotch shield with improved perforated secondary shield
We will try to implement this high security waist belt standard to our rigid belts too!

If you ever wanted to see a self belting update with a gorgeous first time girl, don’t miss this one! Brittany is lovely, but reluctant, and it will take a lot of time for her to get used to being a Chastity Babe. Still, we have a good feeling about our newest girl AND our newest belt!


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  1. This looks interesting! Haven’t seen the video yet, but will join again after my next holiday. The high security lock is definitely a safe thing, BUT…

    For the viewer, this site is visual art. And a lock on a CB that can hardly be seen ist sort of boring. Moreover we know, with these locks the girl cannot lock herself up without the key. And I think, the girls should never put their hands on the keys!

    A good scenery would be like this. And this maybe shot at a ‘public’ place/rest room. Tell the girl to go to a certain stall/cubicle and lock herself up in all the chastity things she finds. CB, bra, thigh cuffs with short chain. Then we see her trying to put on her jeans again… She cannot and asks for a skirt, which we now gladly give to her. After she refused so in the beginning of the video.

    Keep up the good work!!

    • Thanks! Actually, we received member requests for self belting, so we try to please everyone (which, as discussed before, is impossible)!

      • One of the major problems I’ve had with some of the shoots, especially the self-belted ones, is how when the girl puts the belt on, they fumble with the lock, and then the shoot cuts to the belt already on instead of seeing and hearing that satisfying “click.” Hopefully this new lock will solve that problem and the girls can actually lock themselves without help or interruption.

        • Yep Brittany locks herself in this update! Of course, there is no “click” as there is no padlock, it is a cylinder lock :)

  2. Emperor of Canada says:

    A fantastic looking woman in an interesting and great looking belt!

    I think this should would be a lot better with more video and photos of her actually wearing the belt in various positions, angles, etc. (Most of it focuses on belt’s components and her putting it on.)

  3. she is very intrigued while she examines her new belt

  4. As the chain go between the buttock how does the wear do the obvious task of a poo ?

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