High security chain style belt

High security chain style belt

Brand: customized by ChastityBabes.com
Waist: adjustable, with optional D-rings
Crotch: adjustable front shield
Pussy hole: with secondary shield, perforated for urination
Anal hole: none
Locking system: high security Bürgwachter cylinder lock
Suitable for 24/7 wear: yes

This belt is an improvement to some of our earlier belts, upgrading security and wearability.

This style of belt has a chain style rear section, which means there are two chains running from the crotch area all the way up to the back of the belt. Most people think these chains should run across the buttocks, and indeed they would look the best if they are on the butt instead of between the butt, but this would render the whole belt useless. The wearer could simply slide the chains between her buttocks to gain a lot of room at the front, she could easily slip her hand under the crotch shield and satisfy herself.

This high security chain style belt has numerous improvements and advantages, like:
– a top quality cylinder lock from high security firm Bürgwachter, encased in a heavy metal locking block at the waist, making it impossible to use a boltcutter
– neoprene coated ass chains for better hygiene
– adjustable crotch shield with improved perforated secondary shield

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  1. Wow! Will these be for sale?

  2. yea, just wow. the lock style is just amazing. sleek, and unobtrusive. looks very secure too. Now just to work on getting the traditional padlock off of the secondary shield =D

    • You could order the same the same adjustable waist belt and rear chains with the classic front shield of the double padlocking chain style belt. But the locking system on the shield itself might have to be modified. They used another type of lock for the double padlocking chain style belt on metalbondage.com You could ask the webmaster about it.

  3. In a security view point this belt is most secure to most people that use brute force to get out of tight situations however is the least secure to someone with a paperclip the reason for this is the lock does not have a spring in resistance to a tension wrench (tool for picking locks that can be made out of a paperclip). Although the lock is small only allowing for minimum room. Picking this new type of lock is a cinch.


  5. love this belt but how do you visit the toilet in it?

  6. I’m looking for the most comfortable for a beginner the y tpe was sugeted to me. She wears a 27″ waist pants she is small what would you suggest?

    • I hope this helps. First, unless you’re seriously willing to invest a large amount of money and she’s extremely committed to the idea of wearing a belt for you, you’ll be time and money ahead by purchasing an adjustable belt online to test and modify rather than a custom fit belt from one of the known makers as your first belt. Some of the Chinese belts are known to be thin and the linings are notorious for coming off of the metal, but they serve as excellent test belts for determining the style of waist band, rear opening, etc..
      Second, her waist size shouldn’t be a problem to accommodate. Almost all of the adjustable belts you see on this site are capable of being adjusted to that, or smaller, without any difficult modifications. Third, comfort is different for everyone. Some of the belt designs available simply won’t work for some body types. As a beginner the most important aspect of being comfortable in a belt is to make sure the belt fits tightly in all areas. Chafing and rubbing probably cause more belts to go unused than the design. Tight belts don’t move around to cause chafing, and they don’t make noise that will keep the wearer from being confident it will be unnoticed. Tight is good…. almost always, I guess, the exception may be the belts with the single cable for the rear. It’s been mentioned that too much pressure can cause soreness on the tailbone, but y-type designs won’t have any contact there.
      Best of luck.

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