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Even though there was only 1 night in Jenni’s 36-hour challenge in full chastity, she insisted on having a shower. It would probably have been easier to wait until the 36 hours were over, but Jenni C is a girl who loves to stay clean!

Well, she managed to shower herself just a little, but it was not very satisfying. You can not learn how to shower yourself in full chastity in one day. It takes months of experience to find out how to keep yourself clean properly. But it is nice to see Jenni try! Our favorite moment: when she finds out she can not make the step to get into the shower (the edge is too high), because her upper legs are chained together. Funny!

We like these kinds of shoots, because even though we know Jenni C is doing this for the money, we have her locked for real, and we can admire and study her for a long time that is definitely worth the investment. Having a full chastity Jenni C rattling around for almost 2 days is priceless!!


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  1. How can she ever get clean under that bra? Unless she can shift it around. and shouldn’t it be chained and locked to the waistband?

  2. Also, what happened to her tailor made rigid style belt? You always have her wearing a double padlocked chains style one.

    • Webmaster says:

      That one didn’t have D-rings to attach the thigh bands, but we have since found some D-rings and added them to our rigid style belts!

  3. anonymous says:

    Will we ever have another shoot like cb023?

  4. This is the best kind of shoots. Tigh bands and daily activities. Girls of a conservative college is the next step… :) Great update.

  5. The chain of tigh bands is shorter than in erlier updates. But the bands must be higher in the tigh. But it is only a detail, this web is better every day.

    • The bands could be farther above the knee but they would have to be replaced with larger ones to avoid cutting off circulation. hence the garter chain rather then a thigh corset.

      Though as low as they are farther limits her upper leg movement for a more restrictive feeling.

  6. Hi, I’d like to see Jenny with a laced leather pants and underneath her ​​chastity belt. To a black leather corset would be perfect. And then slowly undress …. Is there a chance to see such a scenario here sometime?

    Unfortunately I could not find the request site.

  7. after all that, a good polish

  8. A good challenge for any of the models daring enough to accept it would be to wear the belt and bra as a sort of bikini at the beach. It doesn’t have to be crowded, in fact I think a more private shoot with no one around at sunset. Just picture it, a beautiful woman walking the beach in her steel “bikini” with the sunsetting over the ocean as a backdrop. I would love to see Jenni do this.

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