chastity belt 

Denise has been absolutely amazing in her first week! Her brand new twitter account has exploded, and she has posted daily updates of her progress like she promised. I think she is doing fine!
The main issue, of course, is hygiene, it is a lot harder to clean yourself properly wearing a chastity belt. Peeing in this particular belt is messy because of the three slots. The cable can be bent slightly for the other toilet function, but it is still very awkward and not a lot of fun for a 19-year old who loves her comforts and conveniences. Denise has showered of course, it is just harder to dry yourself in a belt.
That’s why Denise will come to me at least every week, or even more often if she likes, to take a shower under strict supervision, without the belt. She is here today to report on her progress, and to get clean and fresh again for another week. She is doing so well, I think the Fetish Ironworks belt is a great fit for her. She doesn’t seem to have any problems wearing it. Don’t forget Denise is a real submissive and a trooper, she can handle a lot of things for a long time! And she really really wants that money on the 31st!! What a girl!

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  1. I wonder what her reaction would be if you would give her a special offer on the 31st…to remain locked until Valentine’s Day, or challenge her to break Donna’s record.

  2. will there be a chastity bra add to her later please respond?

  3. Love that t-shirt.

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