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Okay, this is getting interesting! In addition to positive feedback from visitors and members, we are now also getting complaints about our chastity deal with Donna, the 20-year old blonde Italian girl who is staying in our Amsterdam accomodation in exchange for being belted for 30 days.

Women’s rights organisations, concerned health workers, medical and psychology professionals, the list goes on. They all expressed great concern for Donna’s health and rights. We can assure you that Donna is fine, safe, and healthy. She was belted in the month of May and has since then returned to Italy, unharmed and a happy girl.

Of course, when you are in a 30 day documentary, you are not going to be very cheerful ALL of the time. Like when members emailed us, curious to find out how Donna copes with the belt during toilet visits. We tried to document that too, but… well, just check this 10 second video (FREE DOWNLOAD). Not a very big success, so we did not pursue that angle any more.

Later that day though, when Donna had calmed down, we took pictures of her reading and wandering about the apartment. We left the static video camera running after taking the pictures, so we got a nice impression of Donna’s afternoon on her 18th day in the pink chastity belt.

Please be sure to give your feedback, even if you usually don’t comment, to show that you support us and Donna, and to explain to others that there’s no harm in chastity deals! We want to do more (although we have not found anyone yet), so we may need some support and backup!

Remember the Donna updates are not shot in a studio so picture quality may vary. Member pictures and videos are not censored in any way.


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  1. The updates are great and we’re enjoying it. To be honest I am not surprised you are getting those emails with criticism. There are a lot of people who don’t know about chastity lifestyle and will see just the negative aspects of it. But at the same time, can we blame them? Unless I’m mistaken, this is the 15th update of Donna, and not one single peep or comment directly from her, except her silence or giving the finger. If there was something, be it an update in itself or a comment post from Donna on how she is doing, that she is doing fine, enjoying her stay in Netherlands and enjoying the sightseeing, yes she’s frustrated but otherwise fine, etc… It would probably put some of the emails to you to rest. I know you’ve said she’s doing fine, but most of us would like to hear that directly from her. I understand that posting in here would be difficult for you and her because it’s a delayed update. But still, something?

    I just hope that those “activists” or “professionals” realizes that most of us members understand the chastity belt lifestyle. My wife for example is locked in one, and she has a love/hate relationship with it. She hates being locked in it. Hates the sexual frustration, but she loves being locked and submissive at the same time. It’s not something thats easily explained or understood. She’s not allowed orgasm or access to herself, but we have a safe word, and if she uses it, I unlock her immediately. No questions asked. Or if there is a health issue that arises, she’s unlocked immediately. Whatever happens, I do not ask her to be locked again until she says she is ready to be back in it. I am a dominant, but at the same time, I understand and respect her needs.

    Do these people even realize that over 75% of the belts (last time I heard) are for men, with women being the keyholders? :p

    Thanks for the continued great updates. And Donna certainly is awesome and brave for sticking through 18 days already. 12 to go.

    • I should add if those groups say what if there is an emergency and I’m not around, or what if I have gone crazy? Well as of now my wife is locked in her chastity belt and she does not have access to herself nor can she have an orgasm without me. But she can still get out even if I’m not there.

      Why? There are four keys to her belt. I made two extras on top of the two I already had.

      Keys 1 and 2 are mine.

      Key 3 is in her possession, however inaccesible. It is sealed in a tamper proof box. If there is an emergency, lets say she fell and hurt herself on lets say her hip so the belt makes it painful and she needs it off now, or if she started bleeding (or any health problems) and I am not present to unlock her, she breaks the box and she has the key then she can free herself immediately. The point of tamper proof box is so she cannot give in to temptation to cheat by unlocking then relocking without me knowing! (She does have a healthy sex drive)

      Key 4 is in her close friend’s possession. Its not necessary but I want my wife to have a peace of mind. For anything. Also in tamper proof box. Her friend is not allowed to give me the key if I’m by myself. Nor to my wife either. Unless something happens such as my death or something happens to me. Common sense comes in play here.

      I am her dominant but her safety and comfort is my priority. All sensible couples who engage in chastity play basically do these things. We arent stupid and prepare for anything.

  2. Funny that women’s rights groups are giving this so much attention. Doesn’t freedom mean that a woman can (voluntarily) enter into whatever contract she likes, so long as it’s legal? There are so many REAL abuses in the world–go find one of them, and leave this be.

    LOL at the toilet trip!

  3. anonymous fan says:

    I have supported this site since the beginning as there is no other site that has dedicated so much energy on my favorite fetish. I subscribed for the first time in May because 1. You started releasing two updates a week and 2. I wanted to see the Donna shoots.

    To be honest, being worried about what women’s rights organizations, concern health workers, etc, think or filming Donna using the bathroom think should be the least of your worries. As far as I am concern, Donna signed the contract and knew what she was getting herself into. I will admit it, I didn’t want to see Donna have a happy experience in her belt. A chastity belt is a tool of dominance and control. It is not an article of clothing. It is a cruel, unrelenting device. Seeing the Donna shoots, she has disappointingly gotten used to wearing her belt with only one grainy shoot showing her truly unhappy about wearing it (cb063). But I predicted this will happen, and I realize you have already shoot these films on Donna so there are no “redos.” Coming from a person who enjoys watching more of the fantasy/fighting her belt spectrum of chastity belts, the Donna shoots have been boring and it is to the point I do not look forward to the updates anymore. I am not blaming Donna for this. I think Donna is very beautiful and daring. I also realize how hard it is filming a series like this and keeping it fresh. I also accept the fact that these shoots are aimed at the reality chastity belt fans.

    I think your main concern should be the main shoots of the site. So far it is my third month of subscribing and I have been very bitterly disappointed with the main shoots in this three month span. The latest Dominique shoot (cb076) made me shake my head in disbelief. Not only was the belt covered with her pants, I think you owe it to your English-speaking only members to translate this video (and all videos) so we can better understand what is going on and to enjoy the film more. Cb074 gives me some flicker of hope but it is still a far cry from cb023 (your greatest shoot). I’m also cannot stand seeing how the crotch plate is covered with pants, its bad enough seeing Donna wear pants over her belt, I don’t want to see it in the main shoots. That is like covering up the collar a whole shoot for a site dedicated to collar fans.

    I’m not asking to use vaginal plugs, butt plugs, or hardcore bdsm, in fact, I don’t want any of that. All I am asking is to take into consideration your fantasy shoot fans who like a little fighting and tugging and unhappiness when it comes to a belt. If you focus so much attention and resources for the reality fans, do so for us too. It has been forever since you came out with cb023 and nothing close to it has come out.

    I just want to say I support this site and I support Donna. I am glad that you at least tried this experiment and that shows this site is willing to try new things. When I first clicked on the link today to see the previews for this shoot, I saw Donna sitting up, hands on her belt, implying that she fights her belt again, I quickly downloaded the video in a frenzy only to be agonizing and bitterly disappointed again that all she does is hang around with her belt. I support this site and Donna, but I do not support the chastity deal girl shoots if all of them are going to be like this.

    (paying member)

  4. You all are crazy, what were you doing. Next time you get a volunteer, an in person interview would probably help.

    Let her direct and get paid by her ratings.

  5. I absolutely support chastity contracts and agreements. I am locked in a stainless chastity tube everyday (one year is just ahead on her calendar). I am only allowed one ten minute supervised shave and cleanse period each thirty day period. I feel Donna is getting of easy. Also women do not get erections which can be very distracting while locked in a tube. Maybe in the distant future male chastity belts will be electronic blood flow inhibitors that will be controlled by the key holders bio-metrics. No erection, no masturbation or pleasure. Donna enjoy your belt, I wish you the very best. May you find a lover that trusts you with their key! May you prove short sighted people naive at least until they have some first hand experience.

  6. Love the Donna updates. I’m locked in a steel chastity belt as well, and it was my choice. It doesn’t mean I can easily get out now (in fact I can’t) and while I often hate being locked up, I also like it and wouldn’t want it to be any different.

  7. When was Dona’s period? How did it go? Details?

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