chastity belt 

Natalia Forrest still has her friend Brooke Scott locked in a FancySteel hybrid belt. Brooke was getting really tired, and the belt was very tight!
But Natalia was far from done yet. She wanted to put a leather collar on her friend, as an extra challenge for the rest of the Chastity Deal (I wonder where she got that idea from!). Of course, Natalia made the collar very tight, and it was a posture collar as well. Brooke is not used to collars at all, so she found it potentially even WORSE than the belt!
After a little while though, Brooke seemed to have forgotten all about it as Natalia found her all dressed up and ready to go out. Natalia had said they would go out, but she meant sitting in the garden, not out out!
A little disappointed, Brooke went into the garden to catch some sun. Natalia kept filming and teasing her, scaring her with tan line stories and saying that Brooke shouldn’t eat too much or the belt would get even tighter. I have a feeling Natalia REALLY loves being a key holder!!

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