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The Deal finally happened! The gorgeous Alba Zevon was staying at the Chastity Mansion and I prepared a fun Chastity Deal for her. Such an experienced bondage model needs to be challenged, I thought…
Alba was locked in the famous red My-Steel belt, as well as a metal collar and cuffs. She thought that would be the challenge, but I pointed out there was still a gag and nipple clamps on the bed. If Alba managed to wear all this for 8 hours, she would get the prize money!
Now, don’t try this at home, Alba is a very experienced bondage model, and she is trained to wear large gags for a long time. Nipple clamps are still hard for her, because of her sensitive nipples, but she likes to challenge herself and get to a point where she can make her mind win over any physical pain (look at her hogtie videos to see what I mean!).
In any Chastity Deal, the model can give up any time, so Alba thought she would at least give it a try. I really had one of the best days in my life, having this famous bondage model running around in my house, in chastity and with a huge ballgag and nipple clamps! The only problem was that she drooled everywhere, but who cares about that when you have an Italian beauty in chastity!!

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  1. Nice! I love it. Alba Zevon is such a Lovely and Beautifully Gorgeous Woman. Would definitely love to see Alba return to this site. Would like to recommend upgrading the nipple torture for models with erect perky hardened and stiff eraser head nipples to that of a pair of green elastic castration bands stretched and placed on the models nipples. Does wonders for sensitivity and orgasmic conditioned responses. Can drive the model over the top with an orgasmic delerium tremons. Nice!

    • When those green elastic castration bands are in place a chastity bra should be locked on to make those green bands inaccessible.

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