chastity belt 

It was Wetnesday’s birthday last week and suddenly we both remembered we did a video last year when she was in the Chastity Mansion around the same time! It was the day before her 22nd birthday when she asked me if she could bake a cake in my kitchen.
We went to the shop to buy all the ingredients she needed, because she knew the recipe by heart. Wetnesday then decided to try and bake the cake after I locked her into her cuffs for the evening. Not just one, but EIGHT pairs of handcuffs! It was really hard for her to mix all the ingredients and to make a good cake, but I was super impressed that she managed to do it!
In full chastity gear with 8 pairs of handcuffs, Wetnesday produced a cake, which she even decorated with some writing and candles. It was hilarious to watch her work in all this steel, and I can’t wait to get her back in the Chastity Mansion for more Challenges in 24/7 chastity! She is so cute and awesome, don’t miss this fun update!

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  1. Celebrating your birthday in full chastity gear, that is a great way to celebrate. The 8 pairs of handcuffs are the cream on the icing. Each year add one more similar to the number of candles on a cake for each year. Hope her arms are long enough.

    Awesome model. The Swedish collar would also be nice on her. Hope to see Wetnesday more often.

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